Friday, 8 October 2010

The nazi-alarmist "no pressure" nazi-plan of annihilation

Dear readers,
I must admit that after first watching the awful "No pressure" nazi-video, I jumped a bit too fast to the conclusion that the eco-nazis were literally going to blow up their opponents by pressing on red nazi-buttons. After further reflection I have come to the conclusion that the nazi-video was intended to be interpreted symbolically. After all, nazi-exploding your opponents by pressing red nazi-buttons seems like a quite difficult thing to do, and can hardly be seen as a realistic nazi-plan. The red nazi-buttons and explosions are merely symbols for something else, namely the complete physical destruction of all AGW skeptics by any violent and painful nazi-means that seems expedient to the murderous eco-nazis.
I also realise that I have not written nearly enough about this important subject (my precautionary diet on pork and single malt whisky has made me a bit indisposed). This means that I'm far behind e.g. Dr James Delingpole, who has already written 9 posts (and counting) about this momentous event on his Telegraph News Blog.

With the dear James's implicit permission, I'm here reproducing some of his nazi-pictures with very witty captions.
"Und Kinder you vill never guess what happens next...."

Herr Curtis congratulates the 10:10 team on a job well done

And here is one of my own:
"You muzt all reduze your carbon footprint..."

Some people have been using the term "Splatter-gate" to signify this event, but personally I prefer "Nazi-gate". The nazi-people behind the nazi-movie, as well as every-nazi-body that sympathises with them on any kind of nazi-issue, have revealed their total nazi-ness and fanatical terror-fascism for the whole world to see. They are literally drenched in the blood and gore of the innocent from head to toes, and an ill wind of ruthless nazi-oppression and genocidal murder-madness blows wherever they go. They nazi-made their nazi-video to show everbody what will happen to anybody that dares to stand up against their fanatical "Operation Barbarossa" of world conquest and enslavement under their fascist nazi-rule. They intend to bin-Laden-terrorize the whole world with their Pol-Pot-murderous threats and nazi-plans, and their nazi-inquisition will Hunnishly torture and Djingis-Kahn-destroy all opposition, and just anybody that their Gestapo-investigators merely suspect in their Stalinesque paranoia. Their mafia-like cruelty and blood thirst know no bounds, and their eco-fundamentalist Taliban zealotry is limitless. These hordes of nazi-vandals and fascist-barbarians want to destroy civilization and turn us all into mindless communist-slaves on their datjas and in their mosques, and they laugh like Beria at all the pain and suffering they so eagerly cause.
The nazi-nazists are becoming increasingly more desperate since the Great Climategate Scandal. This insane plan of annihilation is a logical next step after their failed attempts to "hide the decline" and "get rid of the Medival Warming Period". These are people with very sick minds! They are evil beyond your worst nightmares! Beware, everybody, beware!

Important message: If you follow my previous advice of sleeping with tin foil wrapped around your head, please make holes for breathing.

Update: I want to clarify that I think that the ad-hominem-throwing eco-nazis are comparable to the Nazis of WWII.


  1. Hon. Mr. Dr. Prof. Baron Sir,
    You may wish to clarify your post a bit. I get the impression that you may be implying that those whacko eco-fascists may have some similarity to Nazis - but I was left unsure if this was in fact your intent. If that was your intent, sir, you should come right out and say it - those greenies must be stopped in their tracks before their nefarious plot can be set in motion! (I would say more on this crucial topic, but I am a bit indisposed, having tried your suggestion about sleeping with aluminum foil wrapped around my head - that was before you posted your very timely warning about air holes.)
    Ad infinitum!

  2. Well, the ORIGINAL nazis were right about one thing, though: they realised the danger of the communists. And of the mingling of the races. That's why I prefer to call those eco-fascists eco-stalinists. Or eco-maoists. Eco-Algorists?

  3. It's already been suggested of course that Godwin was in fact a naziperson.

  4. Sledgehammer for the truth11 October 2010 at 19:48

    "Update: I want to clarify that I think that the ad-hominem-throwing eco-nazis are comparable to the Nazis of WWII."

    GODDAM IT, GOOD ON YA, BARON. Some of these warmist musclehead nazis miss stuff if you don't put it right there in black and white.


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