Saturday, 30 October 2010

Keeping Science Out of the Political Process

Scientific American has an online survey about the climate issue which has produced some very interesting results, which have upset the bedwetting liberal establishment.

To the question “Which policy options do you support?”, 65% of respondents have answered “keeping science out of the political process”. These respondents are very wise! Science is good in certain places, and bad in others.

These are places where science is good and can help humanity a lot:

  • Industry, e.g. inventing flying cars.
  • Military, e.g. inventing flying tanks.
  • Museums, e.g. assembling dinosaur skeletons.
  • Michael Crichton’s books and movies (Jurassic Park, State of Fear etc)

But these are places where science is bad and can do great harm to humanity:

  • Policy, e.g. worldwide DDT ban.
  • Al Gore’s books and movies (An Inconvenient Truth).

So why is science bad in policy? As experience has shown, science in policy usually results in:

  • Regulations
  • Taxes
  • World governance.

So it should be obvious to any freedom- and prosperity-loving person that we need to keep science out of policy. Nowhere else is it as blatantly obvious as in the case of the alleged climate change.
You see, science is useful if the scientists are ordered to do something useful, like inventing the atom bomb (one of the great master-pieces of creative capitalism). So I’m all for science, yes I’m very pro-science as you all know, when science is used the right way and not the left way.
However, the scientists not working for the captains of industry and war are in general a naïve bunch of leftist day-dreamers who don’t understand the complexities of the real world outside their labs. They will make things up in order to get more fat grants and live in luxury on the tax-payers’ expense. They are activists, trouble-makes, meddlers in peoples’ lives.
A case in point: quantum mechanics – completely useless and nobody understands it. It’s just a lot of spin. How dare they tell me whether I can poison my cat or not! It is preposterous!
Therefore, this kind of scientists cannot be trusted. They will use their fancy titles and their perceived authority to try to influence the gullible masses and to pursue their feverish dreams of eco-communism. It will just end up as in Stalinist Russia where Dr Lysenko’s mad science ideas caused millions to starve to death!
Fortunately, there are many politicians that have realized what they are up against, and have taken a brave stand against the corrupting influence of science, such as Republican tea-party senate candidate Christine O'Donnell.
As retired House Republican Sherwood Boehlert (himself a fanatic eco-fascist) says about these open-minded climate-realistic politicians: “They haven't been exposed to the science all that much.” And a good thing is that! Then they can do what is best for humanity and prosperity, instead of following the leash of the corrupt and power-drunk scientific establishment.
Science is a wonderful thing, but whenever I hear the words “science says”, I reach for my Luger. No smart-ass scientists are going to tell me what I can or cannot do!

Purgamentum init, exit purgamentum.

Bonus: Australian journalist Tim Blair writes that Al’Gore is a fat, pompous, greedy, horny, envious, angry, and lazy moron! A must for the well-informed reader!


  1. Policy only brings bad things when it's based on "sceince" and "evidence". All we need in this time is policy based on the Bible!

  2. Just to make it clear, what I meant is that "sceintific" "facts" and "evidence" can be misleading. Therefore you should only rely on your personal judgment and belief. As long as that is the Christian belief, of course!

  3. Ragged Edge of Reality31 October 2010 at 11:02

    Real scientists wear lab coats and a tie, like Dr Honeydew there. No lab coat, no science, just computer game nonsense. Just how many climate scientists wear lab coats, answer me that climate geniuses.

  4. Ionic disturbances1 November 2010 at 12:26

    Herr Baron,
    RE of R raises an interesting point, whatever it may be. Luckily, we have obtained exclusive video exposing the inner workings of a climate science lab. This documentary evidence, shot at great peril to our intrepid investigative reporters, proves once-and-for-all that the very experiments of these climate changing demons are the actual cause of this so-called 'warming'.

    Note the phrase at the beginning of the video: "where the future is being made today." Hah! Today's future was made at least two or three days ago, because it takes a couple of days to ship it here from China. And if that isn't where the future is being made, what kind of future could there be? I prefer my future coated with lead based paint, which keeps the formaldehyde fumes sealed inside.

  5. Ragged Edge of Reality4 November 2010 at 14:58

    Thank you for the compliment Ironic Imbalances. Of course, my post means just exactly what I intended it to mean, as it always do, in direct contrajuxtapositional of the AGW gooferatti, whose statements always mean just exactly their intended opposite, 'cause their internal wiring's apparently all backwards.

  6. When will people listen to real scientist like Nils-Axel Mörner?

    Here is an excellent presentation of REAL science:

    This was presented at the famous climate session in Oslo, Norway this year - november 18. Pls look at the real science on sea level rise on page 55-56. This is how real science should be presented in a proper way!

    Keep it going web professor Baron!

  7. Thanks Ohm, Mörner's scientific paper was a real eye opener. I like how he breaks dogma by presenting his graph as he does on slides 55-56,a s you pinted out. It puts a whole new perspective on how the climate scientists massage their data.
    As sea level is not rising it can not be getting warmer. Hence global warming is a myth and the thermometers are with the satellites in this conspiracy!

  8. Ionic disturbances5 November 2010 at 17:21

    Herr Ohm,
    Your reference is excellent. I particularly enjoy how the paper was presented two weeks from now. According to this bizarro-world climate non-science paradigm, the future isn't being made today; it will be made tomorrow. And we already know what that future will be: partly sunny with a chance of rain and/or snow.

  9. Herr Ionic,
    Thanks for the comment. Have you heard about timezones by the way? I think you need to know that Oslo is in another timezone than the rest of the world, so don't be such a smart ass.

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