Sunday, 10 October 2010

Baseless plagiarism accusations against Hockey Stick slayer Wegman

In the past few months we have seen a number of amateurish attempts to counter skeptical arguments that gained traction in what public space there is for matters climatic and anti-climactic. Today we get introduced to John Mashey’s attempt to smear Edward Wegman and reclaim the Hockey Stick for further usage. It’s definitely anti-climactic.
John Mashey says that Wegman plagiarised material in his report to Congress.This is odd. Wegman is not a climate scientist. He is a statistician. The material Mashey alleges Wegman stole comes from Raymond Bradley, who has since apparently filed an official complaint with George Mason University. Is Mashey accusing Wegman of falsely representing himself as an expert in climate science? Is his intent to use as intellectual property ideas generated by Bradley for his own profit?
Just because two texts are a bit similar, it doesn't mean that one author has plagiarized the other. Sometimes different people just happen to write the same thing.
This whole affair is just a dirty and shameful attempt to smear an honest man who just did his job (i.e. to demolish the infamous Hockey Stick and reveal the fraud of Mann and his accomplishes). The warmo-fascists are really panicking if they try such desperate ad hominem tactics! What will their next step be? Stealing Wegman’s emails and making them public? Accusing climate skeptics of being nazis? Exploding skeptic children by pressing red buttons?
Climategate had a huge impact on public opinion regarding the probity of some of the scientists involved. The leaked emails clearly showed bad and bullying behaviour that left a stench in any honest reader’s nostrils. This new Mashey-gate smells just as bad! And John Mashey’s obsession with the Wegman report just doesn’t seem very healthy. It is just a conspiracy theory run amok! And do the alarmist really think that they can demolish the skeptic's strong position by an alleged case of plagiarism? It is utterly ridiculous!

Over at WUWT, Tom Fuller has a must-read post about this sordid affair.

And now something different: another Nazi image with a witty caption:

“Scheisse, who came up with the stupid idea of running our tanks on solar power in the middle of the Russian winter?”


  1. I thought they had finally changed the WUWT design to something more palatable, but it was our brilliant Baron!

    I take my hat off to your sir, for you are a gentleman, sir.

  2. I saw an Abba tribute band at the weekend.
    Was I supposed to stop the show and arrest them for plaguism?

    Only if I wanted to be lynched by alcohol crazed ordinary mums having a night off from their decent, hardworking families, something that those bitter, grant-gorged warmists likely know nothing about.

    Bradley should be pleased that someone took enough notice of his stupid broken hockey stick paper to quote bits of it, even if it was all in fun. Has he never heard the saying there's no such thing as bad publicity?

  3. Baron you touch on an interesting point, why the warmist obsession with the Wegman report? They feel that if they can undermine this exemplary peer reviewed report they can disprove NGW (no global warming) theory.
    Yet what they don't understand is that NGW is a water tight theory based on multiple lines of evidence! Sigh, if only they were not so negative and had something positive to add to the discussion. No chance of that i'm afraid.

  4. I say Baron, hockey is a girls' game. So the whole affair shows that Mann is no male. If these lesbian transexual gays from Transylvania were in any way British they'd have published The Cricket Bat, and not a girly hockey stick.

    Lord Whorewhore


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