Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Climate Fools Day!

Today is Climate Fools Day - the day when we laugh extra hard at how incredibly stupid and ingorant and ugly and narrow-minded and bed-wetting the climate fascists are!

Ha ha ha ha!

And today, we celebrate the superiority of Post-Normal Blog Science to any other epistemic system ever conceived by the human mind, including Boring Old Academic Science with its dusty old tomes and grimy old test tubes and fat grants from tax-payers' money! I mean, just look at this humble blog you have in front of you. It is something of an understatement to say that this blog has done more for progressing climate science than the whole of CRU during their entire existence. Blog Science is the future! And it is cheaper for the tax-payers too!

Infinitus est numerus stultorum

(The funny picture is from WUWT).


  1. Er, sure that face palm isn't the result of ol' bruin there realizing that idiots like you have access to the internet? I know that's what does it for me...

  2. Baron von Monckhofen27 October 2010 at 11:44

    Dear Steve Simpleton,
    This is a day when the rest of us can laugh at you!
    I know more about climate science than either you or Phil Jones will ever do. For isntance, I know that in the ice core records, temperature comes before CO2. And I know that thermometers cannot measure temperature reliably. If you put them by an air conditioner, e.g., like where almost all weather stations are, then they will show the wrong temperature.
    So tell me, Steve Simpleton, how much money are you making on this climate scam? Follow the money trail, I say. Are you paid by Al'Gore?

  3. I would like to remind all that the paleoclimate record for 2011 has not yet been released by Mann or Jones. Keep those FOI-request comming!

  4. Dear Barrel of Monkeysman,

    I only get about 3 million dollars a year for my pro AGW work. It comes mostly from grants submitted to various communist nations and parties, via formal grant application processes. Investing that in various narco-trafficking and Mafia organizations increases it substatntially.


  5. Baron von Monckhofen28 October 2010 at 04:05

    Dear Steve Simpleton,

    I am not the least surprised to find out about the commie-narco money you are bragging about! You don't happen to know if the same sources fund Michael Mann? (Just curious - I promise I will not tell anybody else).

    By the way, I detest people poking fun at my name. It is really a very childish ad honimem behavior, and a clear sign of intellectual inferiority.

  6. It seems to me to be obvious that blog science sites cover more iScience than any other bodies on the planet.

    As iScience is demonstrably more widespread, democratic and widely read than pre-normal peer reviewed science, it seems to me that iEvolution is already deciding who's the unicorn.

  7. Steve Simpson, please save yourself a lot of money on a therapist...where oh where is Poe. S. Law???

  8. Jay! These "sceintists" always claim they are superior to us and know more about their topic than anybody else. But I've always known the opposite is true: how can somebody who doesn't believe in the Lord be smarter than me? Of course he isn't! And do you really think they learn that much while they are "studying" in all these "colleges" and "universities" while every evening they are partying and using drugs and alcohol and sleeping with each other? Of course they don't! And thanks to you, Baron, we don't have to be ashamed anymore of our supposed "ignorance" because now we know that it's the "sceintists" who are ignorant, not us!

  9. I'm here, Mr. End. Where are you? And I'm not a therapist, all I will do is teach the frustrated Mr. Sampson about the Lord.


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