Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Are they criminals?

Al'Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann, Phil Jones - these are the people who have committed the greatest fraud ever on humankind! They and their henchmen in their peer-reviewed journals, their scientific associations and the humungous money-sucking IPCC.
But are these tricksters and fraudsters criminals? It might come as a surprise to you, but I would say “No!”. And I will explain why. You see, I have perfectly logical reasons for not calling them “criminals”, and as soon as you hear them you will understand what I mean. A criminal is somebody who mugs an old lady, or steals a car, or breaks into somebody’s house and leaves with the plasma TV, or sell drugs to school children. It could even be somebody who pulls a gun a shoots somebody innocent down. These are all terrible deeds, but they affect only one or a few individuals.
Let us now consider Al’Gore and his cronies. They want to throw the whole world into poverty, misery, slavery and tyranny. They want to create a new world order, where they are the supreme overlords. They are not criminals – they are super villains!
So you see, that’s why it is inappropriate to call them criminals. Al'Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann, Phil Jones – they are super villains!

Occasio facit furem

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