Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ad hominem

The most common form of argument used by the warmists is the ad hominem. In this blog post, I will elucidate what ad hominem means. I have a classical education, and I enjoy very much sharing my knowledge.
Ad hominem is Latin, and literally translated it means “to advertise for carnal encounters with members of the same sex”. In the old and now sadly defunct Roman Empire, it was not uncommon for persons of a certain disposition to scribble on the wall of a gymnasium or thermis an advertisement like “You want some fun? Call for Gaius Maximus!” (but in Latin). As the knowledge of Latin has diminished over centuries, the term ad hominem has come to signify an attempt to smear and insult your opponent in a debate, instead of countering his arguments.

Ad hominem is systematically practiced by the AGW fraudsters, because what they fear most is an honest and open scientific debate. They know very well that they would have no chance to emerge victorious under such circumstances. Instead, they resort to name-calling and insults. They call us skeptics and truth-seekers “conspiracy theorists”, “bought by the oil companies” (which is weird as the oil companies can profit substantially from greenhouse gas regulations), “not proper scientists” and so on. The list could go on forever. It is truly despicable.

Incidentally, also islamofascist terrorists practice the ad hominem against their opponents in the free world. They call the US “the Great Satan” and they call those who do not adhere to their twisted faith “infidel dogs”. Warmists and islamofascist terrorists – could it really be a coincident?


  1. Those ugly fascist tree hugging warmists have nothing but ad hominems to throw at us enlightened truth seekers. the worst offence is claiming that those who are not scientists should not be taken seriously by so called "climate scientists"! I mean just how hard is it to follow the minutiae of climate modelling? My gardener can do it! these liberal alarmist so called climate scientists in their ivory towers just don't know anything about the climate while us non scientists, especially those working in the oil industry have a much better understanding of the simple dynamics of climate.


  2. Global Warming is a cult. They want you to join the cult. First you have to agree to their catechism, and after that, to repeat the catechism.

    So of course it is all ad hominem. 'With us or against us' has always been their dominant theme.


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