Monday, 10 May 2010

Correlation - what correlation? Part II

DenialDepot, which has been dubbed "the #1 Blog Science Blog Of the Millennium", has a must-read post which discusses my previous post "Correlation - what correlation?".
DenialDepot wisely writes:
I figure that linking to other people's posts is a good way of amplifying the noise and increasing my own post count with little work on my own part. It's also not my fault if it's wrong. I guess I could even start posting News Articles verbatim, adding just one original sentence with my interpretation of what it all means. My post count should go through the roof if I do that. Which is surely just what the World needs and will reinforce the status of this blog as the #1 Blog Science Blog Of the Millennium.

Let the echo chamber resound with the truth about the climate scum!

Natura abhorret a vacuo.

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