Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Welcome to my blog, dear reader!

Welcome to my blog, dear reader! In these times of madness and hysteria, there is a need for a voice of sanity and reason. That voice is now here. On this blog, I will write the truth about all the climate scumbags who hate mankind and love animals and plants! Yes, I'm speaking about the environazis, whose latest scam after the great asbestos, DDT, ozone and dioxine scams is the carbon dioxide scam. The greatest scam of them all, by which they want to enslave humankind and turn our beautiful planet into a zoo where we the superior humans are in the cages!

Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Plants eat it, and animals eat the plants. Then we humans eat the animals and drive around in cars so that the plants will not run out of their precious food. That is the great circle of life! But the environazis want to stop humans from emitting carbon dioxide, and that will lead to a planet-wide disaster! Not only will our economies crash and we will regress to a level were we use stone tools, live in caves and practice cannibalism! It will also derpive the plants - the flowers, grass, carrots, and the mighty redwood - of food, so they will starve, and then the animals will starve and then the humans!

This madness must be stopped, and that is the mission of this blog that you now are reading dear blog reader! This blog will be a beacon of reason, a sword of truth, a bulwark against al'Gore and his minions, a candle in the dark, a voice in the wilderness, Vox clamantis in deserto, a light at the end of the tunnel, a stake throught the vampyre's cold heart, a banderilla in the neck of the bull! Welcome to my blog! I hope you will enjoy the visit, and leave wiser than you came!

A bove maiore discit arare minor.


  1. Oh no ... yet another blog to read (YABR)! Looking forward wising up.

    Are you a member of the House of Barons?


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