Thursday, 3 June 2010

The stratosphere is cooling!

Look at the amazing figure at the top! This may very well be the most important figure displayed in this eminent blog ever, and we have already had some pretty important figures! The figure comes from the Remote Sensing Systems webpage. The different curves show how the temperature changes since 1980 according to satellite measurements at different heights in the atmosphere. The people from Remote Sensing systems say that the curves are from different channels, and where in the atmosphere those channels are can be seen in the figure to the right. Beware, the curves of the low channels are at the top and the curves for the high channels are at the bottom in the figure to the top of the figure to the left.

Look very carefully at the curves. The curve for the lowest part of the atmosphere (TLT, at the top) shows an increasing temperature, ie warming. However, the curve for the highest part of the atmosphere, i.e. the stratosphere (TLS, at the bottom), shows a decreasing temperature, ie cooling!

I'm going to repeat that again, because this is probably the most important thing I have ever written on this blog. The lower atmosphere is warming, but the higher atmosphere is cooling!

How could this be, if we have global warming? Then all the atmosphere should be warming! Anything else would be a violation of the second law of thermodynamics and the Stefan-Boltzmann law! I could explain that with complicated mathematical formulas, but then you, dear reader, couldn't follow my train of thoughts anymore. It suffices to say that one is not allowed to violate natural laws. If the so-called climate scientists new as much about physics and mathematics as I do, they would also understand that, but they don't.

So it is apparent that Earth is not warming. We only have a redistribution of temperature in the atmosphere. This is an incontestable fact. But how could this be? The explanation is quite simple - an increase in the force of gravity. When gravity increases, the air atoms are drawn towards the ground, and that results in a higher air pressure. According to the ideal gas law, higher pressure leads to higher temperature. As there are fewer air atoms at the top of the atmosphere, there is a lower pressure and hence a lower temperature. It is all quite elementary if one only is aware of the basics laws of physics. Unfortunately, the so-called climate scientists are not, and their so-called climate models are completely and utterly useless; mere figments of their twisted imaginations!

But do we have independent evidence that the force of gravity is increasing? Yes, indeed we do. We are the evidence ourselves, each time we step up on the bathroom scale. Most people are actually getting heavier and heavier. Chances are that you are getting heavier and heavier, dear reader! Admit it! The graph to the right shows how the people in the Netherlands are getting heavier (percent of men (green), women (red) and both (blue) with a BMI of 30 or more). The same pattern can be seen in other countries. This can only be explained by an increase in the force of gravity. It clearly cannot have anything to do with a minuscle increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide atoms in the atmosphere, as the global warming scammers would like us to believe. Therefore, it has to be the force of gravity.

A bove maiore discit arare minor.


  1. I think you've cracked it this time, my dear Baron!
    My bathroom scales have been increasing for about the same amount of time as this global warming (really global heavy-ing) thing has been happening.

  2. At last, some real graphy type science stuff.

    This is exactly the type of thing the warm mongers fear.

    Kudos, Baron

    Ab initio et cetera

  3. Avoid global warming. Move to the stratosphere!

  4. Very interesting, Baron. This is what I have been telling Ms. Slaw for years every time she has stepped on the bathroom scale. What I don't understand, though, is how the force of gravity has been affecting her more than me, though?

  5. For this irrefutable evidence you should get a Nobel prize, alongside Viscount Monckton. Those alarmists with their false consensus fall like flies before the total unity of our superior scientific knowledge! Now you'll have to excuse me while I arde in regnum phasmatis!

    Maurizio Moronito.


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