Saturday, 19 June 2010

Global warming, DDT and malaria - the true story

The graph above is the most important graph I have published on this blog. Indeed, this post may very well be the most important piece of blog science ever to be published on the web!

At first sight, it may seem like a perfectly ordinary global temperature graph from NASA, but if you look closer you see that I have indicated some important events. You may ask yourself "What do those events have got to do with the climate". I will soon explain that.

In 1940 Swiss chemist Paul Müller discovered that DDT was effective against insect pests, but completely harmless to humans and higher animals. It was used by the American army to protect the troops from diseases during WWII, and after the war it was used to eradicate malaria all over the world. People in the tropics were very happy - now their children didn't have to die in malaria anymore. And DDT was perfectly harmless. One could even eat it for breakfast. As a matter of fact, my parents used to serve me and my siblings a bowl of DDT every morning, and it sure haven't done us any harm.

But in 1962, a woman called Rachel Carson wrote a book, Silent Spring, which was a vicious, hysterical and unscientific attack on DDT and other wonderful pesticides. Carson claimed that malaria mosquitoes had the same right to live as African, Asian and Latin American children, and therefore it was wrong to kill the former with DDT to save the latter. In other words, she was a typical environmentalist. Ten years later, and with the support of Jackie Kennedy, the Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of DDT all over the world. The African, Asian and Latin American children immediately started to succumb to malaria again, but the environmentalists didn't care. And they still don't care, although billions of people have died as a direct result of the ban since then! Or they probably just thinks it is good - the fewer humans the better!

Now we come to my great discovery. If we look at the temperature graph, we can see that around 1940, the temperature started to decrease. Then around 1972, it started to increase again. You see: with DDT and no malaria, the world cools. With no DDT and with malaria, it warms. This cannot be a mere coincidence. And the explanation is obvious and undeniable. People with malaria gets a fever, and hence they get warmer. So more people with malaria means more warm people. And this will obviously affect the weather stations, as they typically are placed in or near inhabited areas. And even more important - people need to go near the stations to collect and record the temperature data. If they have a fever, this will make the thermometer readings higher. It is as simple as that. This explanation obviously makes much more sense than that our minuscule emissions of an insignificant trace gas like carbon dioxide would make the entire world warm. The latter goes against every one of the laws of physics and is hubris of the highest degree. But carbon dioxide comes from fossil fuels, the source of all our prosperity, and the environmentalists hate fossil fuels and prosperity.

So the truth is that more malaria causes higher temperatures, and not the other way around like the ICCCP wants us to believe. They have completely got the causal direction wrong, just like they did with the ice cores. My new theory (actually a fact) can also very elegantly explain the Medieval Warming Period. There were lots of plagues at that time, included the dreaded Black Death. No wonder it was so warm then, and civilisation could prosper. I will write a scientific paper about this and publish it in Energy and Environment - the only journal that would dare publish such unorthodox but true discoveries that go against the dogma of the corrupt climatology estabishment and their gate-keepers and tricksters and fugders. The warmists are a bunch of weaselly, no-good, snivelling, yellow-bellied, milquetoast losers quite terrified of having the massive holes in their puny arguments mercilessly exposed by skeptical blog scientists like myself.

The eco-fascists must not get away with their terrible crimes. Look:
  • First the eco-fascists ban DDT so billions of children die in malaria. Hitler and Stalin would be envious!
  • The heat from the malaria victims makes it appear to be warming.
  • Then the the eco-fascists blame the alleged warming on carbon dioxide, the innocent gas of life, in order to halt all use of fossil fuels and make us all live under medieval conditions or worse!

Culpae poena par esto!


  1. The warmists are a bunch of weaselly, no-good, snivelling, yellow-bellied, milquetoast losers quite terrified of having the massive holes in their puny arguments mercilessly exposed by skeptical blog scientists like myself.
    You forgot to remind everyone that the feverish warmists always use ad hominem personal attacks because their arguments have such little credibility.

  2. Baron, would you mind if I include your peer reviewed scientific paper on the DDT/GW connection in my newest book Even Chillier, where I prove using meta-analyses ( well it worked for Dean Radin) that the planet is actually freezing over? I can show that due to banning DDT the temperature began to climb, then due to oil spills the temperature began to plummet. Also the homeopathic effect of plutonium has warmed the world and brought in the Golden Age of Aquarius, where fluffy fairies and magic moonbeams will empower mankind in a new era of capitalismismism.

    Peter "Babwabbadabbaji" Taylor

  3. Baron von Monckhofen22 June 2010 at 08:40

    Dear Peter,

    You are most welcome to include my paper. What you write about oil spills causing cooling sounds very interesting, and I look very much forward to reading your book. Blog science is truly amazing!

  4. Brilliant! But you neglected to mention that periods of temporary warming are correlated with periods of increased hot air exhalation from mosquito-fanciers and warmarlarmists complaining about DDT and CO2.

    I like the new look for the website, by the way, white on black is always very relaxing.

  5. Bishop Phil, a scientific illiterate afflicted with the malady of being a complete wanker.25 June 2010 at 16:35

    It's very interesting the way the three CRU enquiries gloss over this whole DDT business...

  6. Great post! I really do believe that people like you can help increasing the awareness to this subject.
    keep up with the good work!

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