Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fingerprint of Mann-made global warming found

The figure above is probably the most important single figure ever published on this blog, and we have had some pretty important figures before. We are the first to report that the investigation conducted by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli concerning the global warming fraud of Michael Mann finally has had success. The graph above was found in Mann's archive left behind at the University of Virginia when Mann escaped to Penn State university. It shows a so-called hockey-stick graph, and one can clearly see how it has been doctored to show a strong increase in temperature the last 100 years - a so-called hockey stick blade. However, the person who doctored it left a fingerprint behind, and that fingerprint has been identified as belonging to Michael Mann. This is conclusive evidence that Mann is guilty of global warming fraud, a crime that can give up to 30 years in jail. Cuccinelli is presently negotiating with Pennsylvanian legal authorities about the extradition of the fugitive.

This is surely good news, but it hardly comes as a surprise for us truth-lovers. It was expected that Mann sooner or later would make a mistake, like forgetting to wear gloves while manipulating data. Still, we owe the never-ceasing vigilance and determination GA Cuccinelli much gratitude for finally putting an end to Mann's reign of climate terror. We can only hope that the Scotland Yard will be equally successful with the case of Phil Jones.

Teneas simium meum


  1. At last - a breakthrough in this grotesque fraud. More's the pity that Cuccinelli will probably only be able to make the 30 years stick.

    What's the betting that Mann will no doubt have some greasy, repulsive, fellow-travelling, bearded lawyer plea bargain the serious and grave crime of Wilful Neglect of Historical Eras (e.g. the Plantagenet dynasty, the Georgian period, the Clinton era, the Medieval Warm Period, the Age of Aquarius etc. etc.) down to some minor and inconsequential temporal misdemeanour like forgetting his wife's birthday?

    Throw the book at him, I say. And not just the Summary for Policymakers either.

    derekus et clivus ad nauseam

  2. I don't know. I will be more convinced when we get the sex video...

  3. Man(n)'s fingerprints are everywhere!

  4. I suppose you could say that the so called "data" was Mannipulated ha ha! When I cracked this little gem to my pal Lord Monckton he replied " Futue te ipsum!"

    Maurizio Moronito.


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