Friday, 18 June 2010

Ode to James Delingpole

In these days of near-total dominance of eco-fascism in the media today, when zombie-like watermelon reports slavishly parrot Al’Gore’s dogma like whimpering lap dogs fearing the whip of their eco-fascist masters, it is a great joy to read the columns of a truly independent, upright, skeptical, back-boned journalist like James Delingpole at the British newspaper the Telegraph. The indomitable Delingpole has no fear of the evil eco-fascist cabal and their cohorts of trolls chanting like mad “We are doomed because it’s getting a little bit warmer! We must obey our overlord Al’Gore.” With relentless logic, a wit sharp like the edge of an executioner’s axe just before it slices through the thick necks of the eco-fascist hydra, and a truly encyclopedic knowledge of all things scientific, he challenges the nauseating lunacy and madness of the global warming religion.
He has a firm grip of the latest scientific discoveries, and guess – they all show that the eco-fascist global warming fraud is utterly and irrevocably wrong:
“Indeed, [Bob Carter] says, some scientists suggest that the rise in atmospheric CO2 in the Twentieth Century may represent ocean outgassing caused as long ago as the Medieval Warm Period.”

He is never afraid to uncover the nauseating cynicism of the eco-fascist cobblers and to take the side of the “small people” against the evil eco-fascist machinery. This is what he has to say about how the Kenyan usurper Obama cynically tries to take advantage of the great tragedy that recently befell the shareholders of BP in the Mexican Gulf:

“Barack Obama’s behaviour throughout this oil crisis has been a disgrace – but not for the reasons given by all those watermelons who have taxed him with not having done enough to stop the flow or punish BP. (Yeah, he should have declared war on Britain, that’s what he should have done! And imprisoned everyone who works at BP in Gitmo! And then nuked every Big Oil company in the world just for good measure!)
Rather, his crime has been to pander to the worst excesses of the environmental left – and cynically to exploit a private Louisianan tragedy in order to advance his personal eco-socialist agenda.”
And what most impressing is that in spite of all the dirty ad hominems, mudslinging, dirt throwing, and gooble-eyed vitriol spitting from the drooling jaws of the eco-retards he never looses his style and gracefulness, his tact and his fact. He never let them drag him down to their level. And he never looses his delightful sense of humor.

“Divorce is killing our planet. … And that’s just if they’re normal people. Imagine how much more disastrous it would be, if they were as profligate as almost-billionaire carbon trader and creator of the ManBearPig religion Al Gore. Just one of his homes – the 20 room one in Nashville – is reckoned to consume about 20 times more electricity than the US national average. So that means that if – God forbid – Al Gore’s blubbery cuddliness, weird half-asleep voice and fascinating power point lectures should ever cease to delight his loving wife Tipper, the planet could well be facing an ecological disaster that makes the Louisiana oil tragedy look about as menacing as your neighbour’s barbecue.
But what’s this I hear? Noooooooooooo! Surely it can’t be true? Al and Tipper the Burton/Taylor, the Antony/Cleopatra, nay the Pamela/Tommy Lee of the global ecological movement are to separate?
This is too awful. I am inconsolable. Please do not disturb me.
Allow me to grieve in silence.”

The sputtering eco-fascist and libtard Monbiot, who is a squirmy, weaselly get-out of a no-good, snivelling, yellow-bellied, milquetoast loser quite terrified of having the massive holes in his puny argument mercilessly exposed by Delingpole, has cowardly suggested that Delingpole is "a mole, paid by Greenpeace to inflict as much damage on the anti-green cause as possible."
No, Mr Moonbat, you fourteenth-rate biologist and ecotard, I can ensure you and everybody else that Delingpole is as genuinely anti-green, anti-ecofascist and anti-Monbiot as myself!

To celebrate the dear James and give him some encouragement in his battle against the envirofascist windmills, I have composed a humble little poem. Maybe not exactly Shakespeare, but pretty close.

Ode to James Delingpole

Delingpole, Delingpole,
he is so clever, he is no fool
All the lies of the eco-fascists,
He knocks them down with both his fists.
And if they try to make a trick,
Delingpole will give'em a kick.
His fingers are fast and his pen is sharp,
Makes Monbiot look like a panting carp.
He writes as well as Christopher Booker,
The ladies think he is a looker!
For Delingpole I lift my hat,
He is lean and Gore is fat.

Update: In today's column Delingpole reveals that the cause of the Deepwater Horizon accident is that BP spent a lot of money on greenwashing instead of safety. It's all the eco-fascists' fault!

Update 2: Upon the request of one of my commenters, I substituted the picture of a filly below for this picture of Delingpole in military uniform.


  1. When I attended an English University (under the government of Lord Monckton's iron lady), the counterculture and thus the country were way cool: cool haircuts, cool anoraks, cool music. The Smiths and indiepop ruled, the labour party was supported by the Red Wedge tour spearheaded by Billy Bragg.

    And today? Today we have saturated BOFs like Dellingpole. But even then, under Thatcher, only people who still believed Britain had an empire read the daily telegraph. Way uncool!

  2. My Dear Baron, whilst I wholeheartedly applaud your intent I really must protest at the current state of spokesmen for our cause.

    A few weeks ago I stumbled across a TV interview featuring George Monbiotics and young James. What I have to objectively report - no matter how much it grates, or how many millimeters of finely ground tooth enamel it has cost - is that to call Delingpole a simpering twat really gives simpering twats a bad name. It's all very well being one of the Great Keyboard Warriors, a veritable Qwerty Achilles, but in the modern world it's not readers but viewers who decide.

    And when the tube conveys in no uncertain manner that Monbiotics can barely stand the stench of your presence while our protagonist simpers and sucks up to someone whose fame extends - oh I don't know, a couple of doorways down Fleet Street? - one instinctively knows things aren't going as well as we would like.

    Take what by all natural justice should have been the final nails in the coffin also doubling up as stakes through the heart of the AGW climate scam i.e. climategate.
    What do we get?
    Self-published, wordy, confused lavatory-paper-substitite books by Mosher, Fuller and Montford.

    Well excuse me, but it doesn't take a genius to work out that a bunch of typed up crap by what sounds like Santa's reindeer 'B' team ain't gonna cut it (as our Canadian colonists might say). Are the warmists somehow misdirecting our big hitters?

    Daily Algore's girth increases yet while many step up to the line to take him down a kilo or two, few apart from your good self and the ever reliable Dr Inferno seem to be up to it.

  3. Baron von Monckhofen18 June 2010 at 23:31

    I suppose you refer to this interview. The dear James was a bit weak there, yes. Maybe he got scared of Moonbat's glasses. I would have responded: "Yes, there is a world-wide eco-fascist conspiracy and you are in it!" And then I would have socked Moonbat. People like a bit of violence in TV, you know. Why would anybody watch icehockey otherwise?(The reason they watch golf, on the other hand, is that they like sex.)

  4. The interview was run by the tree hugging oil industry hating bigots that stopped Delingpole replying to Moontwat's lies that our Jimmy had never read a peer reviewed paper!
    How would JD know that peer review had been subverted by "THE CONSPIRACY" unless he had read at least one peer reviewed paper, before wiping his backside on it and flushing it down the john?

    Lonny "the libertarian" Eachus

  5. I say dear boy, could you paste over Delingpole's ugly face with a picture of a beautiful young filly? I think Delingpole's views are wonderful but he looks like a whining adolescent slug, and don't like looking at his hideous visage.

    Lord Whorewhore

  6. Bishop Phil, a scientific illiterate afflicted with the malady of being a complete wanker25 June 2010 at 18:21

    That's a fantastic video Baron.

    Notice the way Moonbat walks straight into James' trap.
    James is right about everything, you know. And apart from being an intellectual powerhouse, he's such a hunk. Don't you think he's a hunk?

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