Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Climate Scum Want Poor People to Stay Poor!

An absolutely terrifying consequence of Fat Al's Global Warming Fraud (FAGWF) is that it condemns poor people, like the starving girls in the picture, to eternal poverty. Our Western civilization is based on the use of fossil fuels. Without coal and oil, we wouldn't have industry, wealth, democracy, freedom, television, airplanes and the Renaissance. We would all live in caves and grunt, like they do in third world countries.

But the global warmistas want to forbid the poor people in the poor countries from using fossil fuels. In that way, they will never become our equals, but will remain poor and backward. How many countless millions of poor people will starve to death because of Fat Al's anti-oil and anti-coal policies (see picture)? What will they put in the tanks of their cars? Maize? Sugarcane? Watermelons? What will they then eat?

Some hypocritical global warming fraudsters might object: but we only want people in the rich world to stop using fossil fuels! What breath-taking hypocrisy! What boundless arrogance! These people want to give all the fossil fuels to third-world kleptocrats, who only want to steal from the rich countries. To prevent only the rich countries from using fossil fuels is communism, no more no less! We in the rich countries deserve to be rich, and to use fossil fuels. We have not been lazy and stupid - we are clever and work hard and are in general morally and intellectually superior. And our wealth actually helps the poor countries. We serve as role models, we give them something to aspire to. If we would stop using fossil fuels and become poor like medieval peasants living off turnips and rotting pig carcasses, who would then show the poor people in the poor countries what to do? Who would they then emulate? The North Koreans?

No, for the benefit of the poor people, we all need to use as much fossil fuels as possible. Only in that way can the world develop towards universal wealth and prosperity!

Semper inops quicumque cupit.

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