Saturday, 26 February 2011

Josh about anthropogenic and natural CO2

Over at James Delingpole's excellent science blog I found this fantastic cartoon by "Josh" (the guy who did the T-shirt that professor Curry was awarded at the Lisbon reconciliation meeting) explaining why human CO2 emissions are insignificant.

For the record, "Sir Paul" in the cartoon is the man who forced Delingpole to have intellectual intercourse in a BBC show about global warming. Sir Paul clearly didn't know who he was messing with!


  1. Any scientific argument you can fit on a T-shirt must be clear, concise, easily understood, and therefore true. That's what makes Blog Science so compelling. Instead of page after page of confusing detail in peer* reviewed scientific papers, a blog entry is short, and thanks to the magic of HTML, authoritative-looking. The next wave is Twitter Science. Even more accurate.

    * Friends helping friends.

  2. I frequently have to defend Josh's wonderful cartoons from attacks by elitist, warmist know alls who usually describe his work as asinine, brainless, deluded, deranged, dumb, fatuous, foolheaded, harebrained, idiotic, ignorant, ill-contrived, imbecilic, ignorant, inane, inept, mentally deficient, misadvised, moronic, nitwitted, pea-brained, pin-headed, slackjawed, stupid, thoughtless, undiscerning, unintelligent, untalented, and the slaverings of a piss-poor artist to boot.

    All I say is, his work speaks for itself and it's good enough for Sir James Delingpole and Bishop Hill, and that usually takes the wind out of their sails.

  3. James Delingpole should win an award for the best sceince writer on the planit!!!

    Abner Dewllard. Hovind penitentiary for the Mentally Deranged, Arkham,Massachewsets.


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