Saturday, 19 June 2010

Global warming, DDT and malaria - the true story

The graph above is the most important graph I have published on this blog. Indeed, this post may very well be the most important piece of blog science ever to be published on the web!

At first sight, it may seem like a perfectly ordinary global temperature graph from NASA, but if you look closer you see that I have indicated some important events. You may ask yourself "What do those events have got to do with the climate". I will soon explain that.

In 1940 Swiss chemist Paul Müller discovered that DDT was effective against insect pests, but completely harmless to humans and higher animals. It was used by the American army to protect the troops from diseases during WWII, and after the war it was used to eradicate malaria all over the world. People in the tropics were very happy - now their children didn't have to die in malaria anymore. And DDT was perfectly harmless. One could even eat it for breakfast. As a matter of fact, my parents used to serve me and my siblings a bowl of DDT every morning, and it sure haven't done us any harm.

But in 1962, a woman called Rachel Carson wrote a book, Silent Spring, which was a vicious, hysterical and unscientific attack on DDT and other wonderful pesticides. Carson claimed that malaria mosquitoes had the same right to live as African, Asian and Latin American children, and therefore it was wrong to kill the former with DDT to save the latter. In other words, she was a typical environmentalist. Ten years later, and with the support of Jackie Kennedy, the Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of DDT all over the world. The African, Asian and Latin American children immediately started to succumb to malaria again, but the environmentalists didn't care. And they still don't care, although billions of people have died as a direct result of the ban since then! Or they probably just thinks it is good - the fewer humans the better!

Now we come to my great discovery. If we look at the temperature graph, we can see that around 1940, the temperature started to decrease. Then around 1972, it started to increase again. You see: with DDT and no malaria, the world cools. With no DDT and with malaria, it warms. This cannot be a mere coincidence. And the explanation is obvious and undeniable. People with malaria gets a fever, and hence they get warmer. So more people with malaria means more warm people. And this will obviously affect the weather stations, as they typically are placed in or near inhabited areas. And even more important - people need to go near the stations to collect and record the temperature data. If they have a fever, this will make the thermometer readings higher. It is as simple as that. This explanation obviously makes much more sense than that our minuscule emissions of an insignificant trace gas like carbon dioxide would make the entire world warm. The latter goes against every one of the laws of physics and is hubris of the highest degree. But carbon dioxide comes from fossil fuels, the source of all our prosperity, and the environmentalists hate fossil fuels and prosperity.

So the truth is that more malaria causes higher temperatures, and not the other way around like the ICCCP wants us to believe. They have completely got the causal direction wrong, just like they did with the ice cores. My new theory (actually a fact) can also very elegantly explain the Medieval Warming Period. There were lots of plagues at that time, included the dreaded Black Death. No wonder it was so warm then, and civilisation could prosper. I will write a scientific paper about this and publish it in Energy and Environment - the only journal that would dare publish such unorthodox but true discoveries that go against the dogma of the corrupt climatology estabishment and their gate-keepers and tricksters and fugders. The warmists are a bunch of weaselly, no-good, snivelling, yellow-bellied, milquetoast losers quite terrified of having the massive holes in their puny arguments mercilessly exposed by skeptical blog scientists like myself.

The eco-fascists must not get away with their terrible crimes. Look:
  • First the eco-fascists ban DDT so billions of children die in malaria. Hitler and Stalin would be envious!
  • The heat from the malaria victims makes it appear to be warming.
  • Then the the eco-fascists blame the alleged warming on carbon dioxide, the innocent gas of life, in order to halt all use of fossil fuels and make us all live under medieval conditions or worse!

Culpae poena par esto!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Ode to James Delingpole

In these days of near-total dominance of eco-fascism in the media today, when zombie-like watermelon reports slavishly parrot Al’Gore’s dogma like whimpering lap dogs fearing the whip of their eco-fascist masters, it is a great joy to read the columns of a truly independent, upright, skeptical, back-boned journalist like James Delingpole at the British newspaper the Telegraph. The indomitable Delingpole has no fear of the evil eco-fascist cabal and their cohorts of trolls chanting like mad “We are doomed because it’s getting a little bit warmer! We must obey our overlord Al’Gore.” With relentless logic, a wit sharp like the edge of an executioner’s axe just before it slices through the thick necks of the eco-fascist hydra, and a truly encyclopedic knowledge of all things scientific, he challenges the nauseating lunacy and madness of the global warming religion.
He has a firm grip of the latest scientific discoveries, and guess – they all show that the eco-fascist global warming fraud is utterly and irrevocably wrong:
“Indeed, [Bob Carter] says, some scientists suggest that the rise in atmospheric CO2 in the Twentieth Century may represent ocean outgassing caused as long ago as the Medieval Warm Period.”

He is never afraid to uncover the nauseating cynicism of the eco-fascist cobblers and to take the side of the “small people” against the evil eco-fascist machinery. This is what he has to say about how the Kenyan usurper Obama cynically tries to take advantage of the great tragedy that recently befell the shareholders of BP in the Mexican Gulf:

“Barack Obama’s behaviour throughout this oil crisis has been a disgrace – but not for the reasons given by all those watermelons who have taxed him with not having done enough to stop the flow or punish BP. (Yeah, he should have declared war on Britain, that’s what he should have done! And imprisoned everyone who works at BP in Gitmo! And then nuked every Big Oil company in the world just for good measure!)
Rather, his crime has been to pander to the worst excesses of the environmental left – and cynically to exploit a private Louisianan tragedy in order to advance his personal eco-socialist agenda.”
And what most impressing is that in spite of all the dirty ad hominems, mudslinging, dirt throwing, and gooble-eyed vitriol spitting from the drooling jaws of the eco-retards he never looses his style and gracefulness, his tact and his fact. He never let them drag him down to their level. And he never looses his delightful sense of humor.

“Divorce is killing our planet. … And that’s just if they’re normal people. Imagine how much more disastrous it would be, if they were as profligate as almost-billionaire carbon trader and creator of the ManBearPig religion Al Gore. Just one of his homes – the 20 room one in Nashville – is reckoned to consume about 20 times more electricity than the US national average. So that means that if – God forbid – Al Gore’s blubbery cuddliness, weird half-asleep voice and fascinating power point lectures should ever cease to delight his loving wife Tipper, the planet could well be facing an ecological disaster that makes the Louisiana oil tragedy look about as menacing as your neighbour’s barbecue.
But what’s this I hear? Noooooooooooo! Surely it can’t be true? Al and Tipper the Burton/Taylor, the Antony/Cleopatra, nay the Pamela/Tommy Lee of the global ecological movement are to separate?
This is too awful. I am inconsolable. Please do not disturb me.
Allow me to grieve in silence.”

The sputtering eco-fascist and libtard Monbiot, who is a squirmy, weaselly get-out of a no-good, snivelling, yellow-bellied, milquetoast loser quite terrified of having the massive holes in his puny argument mercilessly exposed by Delingpole, has cowardly suggested that Delingpole is "a mole, paid by Greenpeace to inflict as much damage on the anti-green cause as possible."
No, Mr Moonbat, you fourteenth-rate biologist and ecotard, I can ensure you and everybody else that Delingpole is as genuinely anti-green, anti-ecofascist and anti-Monbiot as myself!

To celebrate the dear James and give him some encouragement in his battle against the envirofascist windmills, I have composed a humble little poem. Maybe not exactly Shakespeare, but pretty close.

Ode to James Delingpole

Delingpole, Delingpole,
he is so clever, he is no fool
All the lies of the eco-fascists,
He knocks them down with both his fists.
And if they try to make a trick,
Delingpole will give'em a kick.
His fingers are fast and his pen is sharp,
Makes Monbiot look like a panting carp.
He writes as well as Christopher Booker,
The ladies think he is a looker!
For Delingpole I lift my hat,
He is lean and Gore is fat.

Update: In today's column Delingpole reveals that the cause of the Deepwater Horizon accident is that BP spent a lot of money on greenwashing instead of safety. It's all the eco-fascists' fault!

Update 2: Upon the request of one of my commenters, I substituted the picture of a filly below for this picture of Delingpole in military uniform.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Retarded 6-year-old disproves global warming

Benny Galt, a 6-year-old boy from Mineola, Texas, used to be considered special only in the sense that his level of development was slightly below that of most other children in his own age. Therefore he surprised everybody when he single-handedly managed to disprove the theory of man-made global warming. That makes him the youngest global-warming disprover sofar. Benny's proud father, former truck driver Obediah Galt, tells the story of how Benny defeated Al Gore and the global warming establishment one day when he was playing with his crayons.

"Benny usually eats the crayons, so I told him: 'Draw on the god-damn paper!' He is something of a retard, the boy. His mother drank a lot during the pregnancy", says Obediah as he smokes a joint, making no effort to be politically correct. "After a while, he told me 'Look, Daddy', and showed me this amazing drawing."

Next day, Obediah contacted the Orgone Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM) in order to get an expert's opinion. The OISM is considered one of the leading centers for climate research in the world. Craig Hitso from the institute comments:
"Once I saw the drawing, I knew that this would be the final nail in the coffin for the so-called anthropogenic global warming theory. It is all there. The sun at the top of the drawing - climate models do not take the sun into account. This young boy has shown thay they are wrong. The sun is an important part of the picture. Second, there is a polar bear. Global warming theory should kill all the polar bears, but there it is, and it looks pretty happy too. Third, there is the human figure to the left, and that is unmistakably al'Gore. And al'Gore is fat! Look at his girth! That definitely disproves global warming theory."

The drawing of young Benny has clearly created quite a stirr in the scientific community. In two weeks, Benny has been invited by senator James Inhofe to testify in the senate about the non-existent threat of global warming, and his expert testimony is believed to forever put the cap-and-tax proposal in the waste bin. Benny has also been mentioned by insiders in the Republican party as a future scientific advisor for future president Sarah Palin.

"I'm so proud of my Benny", says Benny's mother Dagny Galt. "He's my special little guy!"

Adeo in teneris consuescere multum est.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fingerprint of Mann-made global warming found

The figure above is probably the most important single figure ever published on this blog, and we have had some pretty important figures before. We are the first to report that the investigation conducted by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli concerning the global warming fraud of Michael Mann finally has had success. The graph above was found in Mann's archive left behind at the University of Virginia when Mann escaped to Penn State university. It shows a so-called hockey-stick graph, and one can clearly see how it has been doctored to show a strong increase in temperature the last 100 years - a so-called hockey stick blade. However, the person who doctored it left a fingerprint behind, and that fingerprint has been identified as belonging to Michael Mann. This is conclusive evidence that Mann is guilty of global warming fraud, a crime that can give up to 30 years in jail. Cuccinelli is presently negotiating with Pennsylvanian legal authorities about the extradition of the fugitive.

This is surely good news, but it hardly comes as a surprise for us truth-lovers. It was expected that Mann sooner or later would make a mistake, like forgetting to wear gloves while manipulating data. Still, we owe the never-ceasing vigilance and determination GA Cuccinelli much gratitude for finally putting an end to Mann's reign of climate terror. We can only hope that the Scotland Yard will be equally successful with the case of Phil Jones.

Teneas simium meum

Sunday, 6 June 2010

"Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley etc gives a warmist a good whipping

A warmist extermist by the name of John Abraham, from some Papist Bible college, has made an attempt to smear Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, curer of HIV, MS and the common cold, victor of the Falklands War and vanquisher of Al Gore, with a very boring power point presentation. Poor Abraham obviously didn't realise that he was up against somebody with ten, nay fifty, times his own intellectual capacity! Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, curer of HIV, MS and the common cold, victor of the Falklands War and vanquisher of Al Gore gives him a really good verbal whipping, and Abrahams is now crawling back under the fungus-infested stone that he came from, wimpering like a little puppy-dog. For your entertainment and enlightenment, dear reader - here are some choice pieces from Monckton's thorough and gracious thrashing of Abraham.

John Abraham, a lecturer in fluid mechanics at a bible-college in Minnesota has recently issued – and widely disseminated – a hilariously mendacious 83-minute attempted rebuttal of a speech by me about the climate last October in St. Paul, Minnesota.
So unusual is this attempt to actually meet us in argument, and so venomously ad-hominem are Abraham’s artful puerilities, that climate-extremist bloggers everywhere have circulated them and praised them to the warming skies.

My comment: yes, it is so typical of the warmocommunists to use ad hominem!

Abraham’s approach is novel. He’s saying not that I got one thing wrong but that I got just about everything wrong. And how plausible is that?

My comment: it is vanishingly unlikely!

Why has it taken Abraham so long to cobble together his ramblings?
The answer – and, as I shall show, it is the right one – is that his deliberately dishonest personal attack on my integrity and reputation is an ingenious fiction, he knows it, and he has therefore had to go to some elaborate and time-consuming lengths to conceal the steps he has taken to hide the truth and make this nonsense look plausible.

My comment: and because Abraham is slow like a Soviet tractor! Which proves that he is a communist!

The truth is that the first graph, plainly labeled “”, is the SPPI’s well-known global-temperature index, compiled monthly from four separate global-temperature datasets, as Abraham well knew because I explained in my talk. It was not a NOAA graph, and was not labeled as such. Naturally, therefore, it differed at some points from the NOAA graph.

My comment: what boundless ignorance! Has Abraham never heard about the famous SPPI global-temperature index?

The graph was plainly labeled “UAH”, which – as a mere Bible-College lecturer in fluid mechanics might not know, but anyone with any real knowledge of climate science would of course know – is the University of Alabama at Huntsville, one of only two organizations producing regularly-published satellite-based global temperature records.

My comment: Ha ha ha! Maybe you should try to learn at least a tenth of what the Viscount knows about climate science. But that would probably take you a life-time, Johnny-boy!

Well, I could go on. And on and on. And on and on and on.

My comment: yes, indeed the highly esteemed Viscount could practically go on for ever!

Just about every one of the 115 slides presented by Abraham in his shoddy little piece of lavishly-funded venom contains serious, serial, material errors, exaggerations, or downright lies. All I have been able to do here is to give you some flavor of how unscientific, inaccurate, and deliberately mendacious Abraham’s video is.

Now you will understand why I have already initiated the process of having Abraham hauled up before whatever academic panel his Bible College can muster, to answer disciplinary charges of wilful academic dishonesty amounting to gross professional misconduct unbecoming a member of his profession.

My comment: Serves him right! And as Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, curer of HIV, MS and the common cold, victor of the Falklands War and vanquisher of Al Gore is an independent scientist without any corrupting government-funding there is no way that Abraham can counter-report him in order to harass him!

Abe, baby, if you present yourself as “a scientist” – as you do throughout your talk – then it is as a scientist that you will be judged and found lamentably wanting. You may like to get your apology and retraction in early: for I am a Christian too, and will respond kindly to timely repentance.

My comment: Don't try to play with the big boys, you little bedwetter! Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, curer of HIV, MS and the common cold, victor of the Falklands War and vanquisher of Al Gore, is a real scientist, something you can never aspire to be!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The stratosphere is cooling!

Look at the amazing figure at the top! This may very well be the most important figure displayed in this eminent blog ever, and we have already had some pretty important figures! The figure comes from the Remote Sensing Systems webpage. The different curves show how the temperature changes since 1980 according to satellite measurements at different heights in the atmosphere. The people from Remote Sensing systems say that the curves are from different channels, and where in the atmosphere those channels are can be seen in the figure to the right. Beware, the curves of the low channels are at the top and the curves for the high channels are at the bottom in the figure to the top of the figure to the left.

Look very carefully at the curves. The curve for the lowest part of the atmosphere (TLT, at the top) shows an increasing temperature, ie warming. However, the curve for the highest part of the atmosphere, i.e. the stratosphere (TLS, at the bottom), shows a decreasing temperature, ie cooling!

I'm going to repeat that again, because this is probably the most important thing I have ever written on this blog. The lower atmosphere is warming, but the higher atmosphere is cooling!

How could this be, if we have global warming? Then all the atmosphere should be warming! Anything else would be a violation of the second law of thermodynamics and the Stefan-Boltzmann law! I could explain that with complicated mathematical formulas, but then you, dear reader, couldn't follow my train of thoughts anymore. It suffices to say that one is not allowed to violate natural laws. If the so-called climate scientists new as much about physics and mathematics as I do, they would also understand that, but they don't.

So it is apparent that Earth is not warming. We only have a redistribution of temperature in the atmosphere. This is an incontestable fact. But how could this be? The explanation is quite simple - an increase in the force of gravity. When gravity increases, the air atoms are drawn towards the ground, and that results in a higher air pressure. According to the ideal gas law, higher pressure leads to higher temperature. As there are fewer air atoms at the top of the atmosphere, there is a lower pressure and hence a lower temperature. It is all quite elementary if one only is aware of the basics laws of physics. Unfortunately, the so-called climate scientists are not, and their so-called climate models are completely and utterly useless; mere figments of their twisted imaginations!

But do we have independent evidence that the force of gravity is increasing? Yes, indeed we do. We are the evidence ourselves, each time we step up on the bathroom scale. Most people are actually getting heavier and heavier. Chances are that you are getting heavier and heavier, dear reader! Admit it! The graph to the right shows how the people in the Netherlands are getting heavier (percent of men (green), women (red) and both (blue) with a BMI of 30 or more). The same pattern can be seen in other countries. This can only be explained by an increase in the force of gravity. It clearly cannot have anything to do with a minuscle increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide atoms in the atmosphere, as the global warming scammers would like us to believe. Therefore, it has to be the force of gravity.

A bove maiore discit arare minor.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Climate Scum Want Poor People to Stay Poor!

An absolutely terrifying consequence of Fat Al's Global Warming Fraud (FAGWF) is that it condemns poor people, like the starving girls in the picture, to eternal poverty. Our Western civilization is based on the use of fossil fuels. Without coal and oil, we wouldn't have industry, wealth, democracy, freedom, television, airplanes and the Renaissance. We would all live in caves and grunt, like they do in third world countries.

But the global warmistas want to forbid the poor people in the poor countries from using fossil fuels. In that way, they will never become our equals, but will remain poor and backward. How many countless millions of poor people will starve to death because of Fat Al's anti-oil and anti-coal policies (see picture)? What will they put in the tanks of their cars? Maize? Sugarcane? Watermelons? What will they then eat?

Some hypocritical global warming fraudsters might object: but we only want people in the rich world to stop using fossil fuels! What breath-taking hypocrisy! What boundless arrogance! These people want to give all the fossil fuels to third-world kleptocrats, who only want to steal from the rich countries. To prevent only the rich countries from using fossil fuels is communism, no more no less! We in the rich countries deserve to be rich, and to use fossil fuels. We have not been lazy and stupid - we are clever and work hard and are in general morally and intellectually superior. And our wealth actually helps the poor countries. We serve as role models, we give them something to aspire to. If we would stop using fossil fuels and become poor like medieval peasants living off turnips and rotting pig carcasses, who would then show the poor people in the poor countries what to do? Who would they then emulate? The North Koreans?

No, for the benefit of the poor people, we all need to use as much fossil fuels as possible. Only in that way can the world develop towards universal wealth and prosperity!

Semper inops quicumque cupit.