Monday 4 April 2011

Morano mashes Muller

Professor Richard Muller from Berkeley has been a brave and outspoken YouTube critic of the machinations of the hockey stick team. He is also the leader of the BEST project, funded by the Koch brothers (great patrons of free and pure science), which was going to set the temperature record straight. For that reason, he was invited to a congressional hearing along with among others world-leading forecaster J. Scott Armstrong. All right-thinking persons expected Dr Muller to show that the alleged global warming was an artifact of barbeques, tarmac, and data massage and cooking and other perversions.

However, Dr Muller betrayed us. He was not the honest and upstanding no-nonsense scientist we thought him to be but just another of the Team's toadies! He said: "We see a global warming trend that is very similar to that previously reported by the other groups." Ow, my eyes hurt when I read those words.

But Dr Muller will have to pay the price for his obstructions of free and pure science. Marc Morano is bringing out the whip and is mashing Muller on his website Climate Depot (see picture above, click to enlarge). Yes, Morano is practically carpet bombing Muller with critical links and images with Muller holding a snake (you get it - Muller, snake?).
Cheating scientists beware, Morano is out to get you!

Update: Climate Depot quotes us. This is good for traffic - for both sites!