Friday 21 September 2012

Stunning recovery of Arctic Sea Ice

 After a temporary decline in mid September that caused a lot of clamor and lamentations among the alarmists, the Arctic Sea ice has now made a stunning recovery to the levels it had at the beginning of September. This is what happens every September: the Arctic Sea ice melts a bit, and then it refreezes again. It is a perfectly natural phenomenon, although not yet fully understood, and it gives no reason for alarm. It certainly doesn't have anything to do with any Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. Just look at the green dashed curve which represents the Arctic Sea ice during 2007: we see exactly the same pattern. The recovery is even a bit earlier this year. So much for the doom-sayers' predictions of imminent doom!

Tuesday 11 September 2012

I Was Right About the Arctic Ice!

My prediction that the conditions in the Arctic Sea would return to normal after the humongous but perfectly natural storm last month was spot on! As can be seen in the chart above, the Arctic sea ice is not melting any more, and all we have to do now is to watch the swift recovery as it commences.

I was right, and I didn't need any fancy "computer models" or any fancy "satellites" or "instruments" or "tree-rings" or "PhDs": I just used my common sense and my diploma from the school of life, and Photoshop, to get it right. Unlike those taxpayermoney-grabbing ivory tower "PhDs" from NASA and NSIDC and whatever they call themselves.

A great triumph for Blog Science!

Monday 3 September 2012

Arctic Sea Ice Recovery

Now that the Arctic storm in early August has abated, we can expect a quick recovery of the Arctic sea ice to normal conditions. I have indicated that in the figure above with a thick blue line. We can be sure that by mid September it will be above the 2007 line, so the sea ice minimum record from mid September 2007 will not be beaten. We are probably up for a new Little Ice Age in the next couple of years. It's all just natural cycles anyhow. One shouldn't believe anything from those IPCC climate models, which are just fancy computer games. That is why I do my predictions without any models what so ever. I only use observations and Photoshop.

Here is a hilarious cartoon by Josh, about George Moonbat!
Moonbat could be funny, as a kind of standup comedian, but he isn’t because he´s trying to sell an idea that will exactly do what he says he´s trying to prevent: the downfall of the Western World. He’s a usefull idiot to a grim and dangerous redgreen agenda.