Monday, 3 September 2012

Arctic Sea Ice Recovery

Now that the Arctic storm in early August has abated, we can expect a quick recovery of the Arctic sea ice to normal conditions. I have indicated that in the figure above with a thick blue line. We can be sure that by mid September it will be above the 2007 line, so the sea ice minimum record from mid September 2007 will not be beaten. We are probably up for a new Little Ice Age in the next couple of years. It's all just natural cycles anyhow. One shouldn't believe anything from those IPCC climate models, which are just fancy computer games. That is why I do my predictions without any models what so ever. I only use observations and Photoshop.

Here is a hilarious cartoon by Josh, about George Moonbat!
Moonbat could be funny, as a kind of standup comedian, but he isn’t because he´s trying to sell an idea that will exactly do what he says he´s trying to prevent: the downfall of the Western World. He’s a usefull idiot to a grim and dangerous redgreen agenda.


  1. Your prediction that by mid September (only 2 weeks from now)the amount of Arctic sea ice will be more than at the same time in 2007 is bold and specific.
    We will have to wait and see if you turn out to be correct.

  2. George Moonboot has forgotten The Monkey's seventh rule of politics: "If you complain about a problem, and nobody does anything about it, it was never a problem in the first place." It's a bit late to fret about North Pole ice when all the penguins have moved to the Antarctic already, palm trees are growing at the northern tip of Greenland, and the local Inuit have given up hunting and opened casinos in Iqaluit and Nuuk (due to natural solar radiation cycles of course).

    Boy! - will they be surprised, and Geoff Moanboat too, when the solar cycle rears its ugly head again and they can drive their snowmobiles to Reykjavik at the height of the summer. Then Mongobiota can feel free to hop on an airplane without feeling guilty!!

    The problem with these granola-noshing ecoloons is that they either consume energy and stuff like everyone else, which makes them hypocrites, or they wallow in their self-denial which makes them freeks! I'm not impressed either way. Grow up and be normal!

  3. Now that we have seen how accurate the prediction you made in this blog was, would you like to predict whether the sea ice area on the 16th of September 2013 will be higher or lower that it was on the 16th of September 2012?

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  5. It comes as no surprise, but you were entirely right, just a little off with the timing. If you go to WTFUWT, you'll find a post about this years record arctic sea ice recovery. Really. And no, its not a parody.


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