Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The InterAcademy Council delivers devastating critique of corrupt and incompetent IPCC

The InterAcademy Council has just delivered its report on the IPCC, and it doesn’t mince words with the abject failures and the blatant corruption that has been discovered. As a matter of fact, the report completely thrashes the notorious organization. There is no way the IPCC can spin themselves out of this one!

Let me quote from the most significant sections of the report:

Executive Summary

IPCC [is a] massive, far-flung […] network of […] governments […], represents a significant social[ist] innovation. (p v)

Yes indeed, the IPCC is like a giant octopus and its goal is to establish a socialist world government!

climate science […] is certain to remain a controversial arena for some time […] uncertainties […] continue to impede our […] understanding of global climate change. (p vi)

The scientists cannot agree about anything, and we really don’t know more about the climate than a mole rat knows about rocket science. It is hubris to think otherwise!

Chapter 1:
scientists […]confidence in climate science has waned (p 7)

More and more rats are leaving the sinking ship!

this heated political context is amplified by a frenzied and often polarizing […] climate science (p 9)

The climate scientists are just pursuing their hidden political agenda, and that agenda is a communist one!

Chapter 2:
Significant shortcomings in each major step of IPCC’s assessment process[!] (p 17)

Everything the IPCC does is wrong! They are the most incompetent organization in the history of mankind.

As pointed out to the Committee by a presenter and some questionnaire respondents, alternative views are not […] cited in a chapter if the Lead Authors do not agree with them. (p 20)

Only those who fanatically support the orthodoxy are allowed to be heard! It is an utter disgrace that an organization that claims to be scientific acts like that.

The overall structure of the IPCC assessment process appears to […]significant improvements are […] necessary for the fifth assessment and beyond. (p 26)
Again, there just incredibly many things that are wrong with the IPCC process. It is so broken that it cannot be fixed.

Chapter 3
The IPCC uncertainty guidance […] was not […] followed in the fourth assessment, leading to […] errors. (p 36)

They don’t follow there own rules, ever! Even the mafia follow their own rules, for Christ’s sake! But the IPCC doesn’t. They are worse than the mafia.

Chapter 4:
Although a significant proportion of their time has been devoted to their chairmanship role, each of the three Chair incumbents to date has had significant professional responsibilities outside of the IPCC. (p 41)

A fish rots from the head down. This is exactly the kind of conflict of interests and corruption that I criticized in my previous post! I'm glad that the Council agrees with me.

Chapter 5:
In particular, the notion of a Wiki-style process was raised in presentations to the Committee and in responses to the questionnaire. A Wiki-style process is an electronic, webbased system in which the available literature on climate change can be uploaded, critically reviewed, and synthesized with previous information in near real time. (p 57)

Here they suggest that the IPCC should convert to blog science, the superior scientific paradigm! But instead of starting from scratch, why not simply use the excellent blog science blogs that I link to in the side bar? The people behind those blogs (Dr Anthony Whats, Prof Marc Morano, Prof Inferno, Dr Jo Nova, Dr Schweinsgruber) know more about climate science than all so-called IPCC authors together!

After such a devastating critique, it is absolutely necessary that Pachauri is fired and that all people involved in the previous reports are completely excluded from the IPCC process forever. Instead, only the most prominent blog scientists should be allowed to participate. And we should be paid substantial salaries to protect us from the corrupting influence of WWF and Greenpeace. Just to be on the safe side.

Commune naufragium dulce.

As the Daily Express reports, the report also states that "there is little evidence [for its claims about global warming]" (Chapter 3, p 36). This should become a favourite quote of all climate realists!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Rajendra Pachauri bribes, bullies newpaper

Rajendra Pachauri, Indian railroad porter and head of the mastodon-huge and thoroughly corrupt ICCCP, has bribed (or possibly bullied) the British newspaper The Guardian to publish an article which claims that Pachauri has been cleared of financial misdealings. It is obviously clear to any independent observer that (1) there is no way that Pachauri could have been cleared, and (2) the clearing is a whitewash. This is an undeniable and irrefutable consequence of web science logic. We don't know exactly how much Pachauri paid to The Guardian or what threats he made, but ICCCP is an immensely powerful organisation that keeps scientists and media in the unrelenting grip of an iron fist all over the world. They may even possess well hidden weapons of mass destruction (indeed they have never denied those claims). We can (and will) only speculate how many countless billions of the ICCCP money that went into Pachauri's own king-sized pockets. Pachauri is also known among well-informed people to have sold his own mother at least fifteen times, and to have invented twenty-two new forms of corruption previously unknown to mankind. Notice that the so-called review actually did not clear him of those latter charges. Wonder why?
It is clear that we cannot trust the main-stream media (MSM). Their stories are becoming increasingly fantastic and ridiculous! Thank good that the truth can be spoken out on blogs like this one.
Journalist George Monbiot writes: " We can expect this smear campaign to continue, and to become ever more lurid as new charges are invented." Yes indeed Georgie-boy, it will and must!

Pecunia non olet.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Hockey stick fraud refuted

Do you remember the notorious and controversial hockey stick (above) which has been refuted so many times? Now it has finally been disproved by a paper in Annals of Applied Statistics by two genuine statisticians with no sordid connections to the climate fraud community. Their names are McShane and Wyner, and they have come up with the following temperatures for the last 1000 years:

It doesn't look at all like a hockey stick any more. Also look at the size of the error region (grey)! This is the final nail in the coffin of the AGW fraud!

Si uno adhuc proelio Romanos vincemus, funditus peribimus!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Decline of terrible phytoplankton

A clearly biased study in the notorious left-wing journal Nature claims that marine phytoplankton are in retreat, and that the decline is related to climate change. Somehow, we are supposed to be worried by that. But just what the heck are these phytoplankton? They are very very tiny algae – typically their size is measured in micrometers. Which leads to the first question: just how did they count them? If they are so small, there must be really a lot of them, so there is no way that the researchers could have counted them all. And in order to claim that there is a decline in their numbers, they would need to count them several times. That is impossible! And what connection could this alleged decline have to climate change? The climate is not changing, only naturally. It is obvious to the informed reader that the whole paper is bogus. I don’t believe their results. The paper would never have managed to pass through the rigorous standards of peer review applied in blog science.

But the madness does not end there. Here are some pictures of phytoplankton (from NASA).

They look like some kind of freaky aliens! I wonder if all the eco-fascists lamenting their decline really know that they look like this? You bet they believe the phytoplankton look like tiny cuddly bunnies! The truth is not so pleasant. One of the most common kinds of phytoplankton is called the dinoflagellates, which is Latin for “terrible whip”. I certainly don’t want to get those things into my swim trunks and near my reproductive organs when I go for a swim in the ocean. The less of them the better, I say. But it is so typical of the enviro-nazis to care more about some weird-looking microscopic plants than about humans like me.

Philosophum non facit barba.