Friday, 27 August 2010

Rajendra Pachauri bribes, bullies newpaper

Rajendra Pachauri, Indian railroad porter and head of the mastodon-huge and thoroughly corrupt ICCCP, has bribed (or possibly bullied) the British newspaper The Guardian to publish an article which claims that Pachauri has been cleared of financial misdealings. It is obviously clear to any independent observer that (1) there is no way that Pachauri could have been cleared, and (2) the clearing is a whitewash. This is an undeniable and irrefutable consequence of web science logic. We don't know exactly how much Pachauri paid to The Guardian or what threats he made, but ICCCP is an immensely powerful organisation that keeps scientists and media in the unrelenting grip of an iron fist all over the world. They may even possess well hidden weapons of mass destruction (indeed they have never denied those claims). We can (and will) only speculate how many countless billions of the ICCCP money that went into Pachauri's own king-sized pockets. Pachauri is also known among well-informed people to have sold his own mother at least fifteen times, and to have invented twenty-two new forms of corruption previously unknown to mankind. Notice that the so-called review actually did not clear him of those latter charges. Wonder why?
It is clear that we cannot trust the main-stream media (MSM). Their stories are becoming increasingly fantastic and ridiculous! Thank good that the truth can be spoken out on blogs like this one.
Journalist George Monbiot writes: " We can expect this smear campaign to continue, and to become ever more lurid as new charges are invented." Yes indeed Georgie-boy, it will and must!

Pecunia non olet.


  1. ...ever more lurid...?

    I'd like to state my preference for malicious magenta on an exciting background of trumped-up turquoise.


  2. The Guardian let slip he receives a salary of $0 for his work at ICCCP. Doubtless he is using this $0 to fiance all sorts of nefarious activies. Climate Scum should campaign to reduce his salary to a negative figure.

  3. Ah, but you see that salary of $0 just proves that the ICCCP is a socialist organization bent on promoting world government.

  4. Pachauri is an Indian. The original tree-huggers were Indians. As they say, quod erat demonstratum.

    -- frank

  5. Baron von Monckhofen29 August 2010 at 10:34

    "...he receives a salary of $0..."
    Pachauri is an Indian. Obviously he is paid in rupees, not dollars. How stupid do they think we are?

    You just need to look at the picture of the man to understand that he cannot be trusted.

  6. Exactly so, my dear Baron. I too noticed that Moonbat's Grauniad studiously avoided clarifying exactly how many rupees per day $0 converts into. Probably hundreds of thousands.

    The contempt of these tree-hugging metropolitan elites is palpable. Thank god for Dr. North and his dogged pursuit the truth, and all those countless others dogging just like him.

  7. Pachauri is a hindoo, isn't he? How can we expect from somebody who is not a Christian, to adhere to Christian principles of honesty, sincerity and righteousness? Of course he doesn't!

  8. I have no doubt that Pachauri is a serial killer too.
    Is there no low so low that the IPCCC will not go?
    What next? Serial bigamist genocidal penguins working for the IPCCC?
    The sceintists at the IPCCC deserve to be nuked, and then their fragments should be raped by rabid pigs that have been sired by a syphilitic sow.


    Disgruntled from Pensataukenhucky, Idahohoho.

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