Monday, 4 April 2011

Morano mashes Muller

Professor Richard Muller from Berkeley has been a brave and outspoken YouTube critic of the machinations of the hockey stick team. He is also the leader of the BEST project, funded by the Koch brothers (great patrons of free and pure science), which was going to set the temperature record straight. For that reason, he was invited to a congressional hearing along with among others world-leading forecaster J. Scott Armstrong. All right-thinking persons expected Dr Muller to show that the alleged global warming was an artifact of barbeques, tarmac, and data massage and cooking and other perversions.

However, Dr Muller betrayed us. He was not the honest and upstanding no-nonsense scientist we thought him to be but just another of the Team's toadies! He said: "We see a global warming trend that is very similar to that previously reported by the other groups." Ow, my eyes hurt when I read those words.

But Dr Muller will have to pay the price for his obstructions of free and pure science. Marc Morano is bringing out the whip and is mashing Muller on his website Climate Depot (see picture above, click to enlarge). Yes, Morano is practically carpet bombing Muller with critical links and images with Muller holding a snake (you get it - Muller, snake?).
Cheating scientists beware, Morano is out to get you!

Update: Climate Depot quotes us. This is good for traffic - for both sites!


  1. Endorphin Monkey4 April 2011 at 17:30

    Dr. Muller should have been better coached for his testimony. A Congessional Hearing is political theatre, not one of his "so-called" scientific conferences (cough, boozefest, cough). It certainly is not a fact-finding exercise. As Anthropompous Globull Warming is a pseudo-religious political movement, Dr Muller should have left the details of the science at home, and just focused on the basic message - that climate science as we know it is controversial and corrupt.

    Now, he's off the guest list for the VIP Room at the best parties. He should have thought about that before going off message and actually responding to the content of the questions he was asked. As well, Orson Welles used to intone with the greatest of gravity (1.3+ Gs) "We will sell no wine before its time." Dr. Muller should have considered that when blurting out the "results" of his half-baked incomplete anal-ysis of a partial and suspect dataset.

    How many sarcastic quotation marks do we have to use to "get through" to people like this?

  2. Certainly, there are some idiots from the skeptical side of the aisle who would fail to "get" your heavy-handed sarcasm, which is the very foundation of this site.

    Be ye of good cheer, though, for you can see me those few idiots, and raise me by ten thousand idiots of your very own.

    Are you aware that one of your precious truthtellers, Defender of the Faith Peter Thorne, was uncomplimentary of Muller's rash decision to spout the moral equivalent of Enquirer-level trash in his testimony before Congress? Of course, you are.

    It's your thang, so do whatcha wanna do. Me, I wouldn't want to be a one-trick pony with the stultifyingly repetitious sarcasm.

  3. Those of us who knew who Muller was, and what he was doing, were not surprised in the least by this.

  4. Brown Bull of Cooley6 April 2011 at 00:33

    Human Person Junior, Jr.

    I noticed that Climate Depot is quoting this very post today.

  5. This is indeed terrific news - and as you say should be a great boost for both sites.

    It's probably little known now, but years ago Prof Morono was instrumental in pointing out to the great American public that while President-to-be Dubya-Bush was actively protecting the skies over Texas from heavy bombing raids by the Vietcong and Charlie (Manson or possibly Sheen, I expect), the cowardly Senator John Curry (no relation) was literally hiding away in some backwater, supervising fishing trips and suchlike in the lush, warm and pleasant tropical waterways of the famously friendly tourist mecca south-east Asia.

    This is exactly the kind of bulldog tenacity for the truth that we need in this struggle against the warmist mafia.

  6. Herr Baron,Your honor has been besmirched (or is that zersmirched or entsmirched in German? I never could get those particles straight)!!

    I was appalled and shocked to see that your name was not on the list of nominees. How dare they not include the foremost communicator in das Welt?

  7. Baron von Monckhofen16 April 2011 at 06:44

    They should call it "Climate Change Communist of the Year".

    So many people to sue, so little Zeit.

  8. I'm disgusted by Muller...that he employs REAL scientists and not the unblinkered free thinking Godloving "sceintists" that get the right wing capitalist reality of the world into a very liberal commie media.

    Bush Limbore:(

  9. Sledgehammer for the truth6 May 2011 at 15:20



  10. GaiaStirsUneasily30 May 2011 at 17:06

    I see you deniers are still at it - keep yukking it up, while I and my fellows labour to save your children, and humanity itself, and many other species.

    In case you hadn't noticed, the planet is being ravaged by unprecedented and unnatural storms, earthquakes and droughts, and floods. Crabs and are losing their shells due to ocean acidification. It's basically "game-over" for coral. The CO2 pollutant and its multifarious effects are turning the screw on the planet's wildlife, and those parts of the biosphere which aren't feeling the pain soon will be - see the IPCC reports and many updates in the peer-reviewed literature confirming the reality of this truth. The polar ice has begun its probably irreversible decline, leading to the drowning of most of the Earth's population, and powerful feedbacks leading to more drowning.

    All because people like you wouldn't listen to the scientists, whatever their flaws and mistakes. There are hundreds of millions in the world who are forgoing the easy option of carbon-based energy now, braving the continuance of painful lives and early deaths, so as not to expose the future of the planet to the risk outlined by the best minds on the planet. That's true sacrifice, even if they may only be dimly aware of it themselves. Statues _will_ be erected in their honour once they're gone, and we've saved the planet. We're all in it together - that's what you "gentlemen" don't get.

  11. It's sad - another "sceintist" who has fallen for the money of the powerful warming lobby. But it's no surprise: since most "sceintists" these days are athiest creation-deniers, they are by definition corrupt. Only Truthfull Christian sceintists can be trusted nowadays. The first question you should always ask someone is whether he accepts the reality of Biblical Creation, the second whether he accepts the reality of the coming ice age. If the answer to any of these is 'no', you know enough.

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