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Eco-Nazis - yes that is what they are!

Eco-Nazi tree huggers in action! This tree swastika in Brandenburg was probaly planted in the 1930's. Proof that "green is brown!"
There is an excellent article in American Thinker by the renowned historian (or maybe journalist) Mark Musser that reveals The Nazi Origins of Apocalyptic Global Warming Theory! Musser reveals that one of the pioneers in catastrophic global warming theory was Guenther Schwab(1902-2006), an Austrian Nazi just like Hitler! Schwab wrote a fictional novel in 1958 with the title "Dance with the Devil" where he warned about imagined environmental disasters such as global warming. This was almost 50 years before Al’Gore invented the Apocalyptic Global Warming Theory in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. As I see it, Al’Gore simply copied the Nazi-ideas of Nazi-Schwab.
James Delingpole, who has never been afraid to call the eco-fascists by their right name, comments:
You’ll note from that “whoulda thunk?” that I am not altogether surprised by the Nazi connections with the green movement and AGW theory. That’s because, during my research for Watermelons, I discovered how intimately they were bound. The Nazi obsession with “Blut und Boden” (”Blood and Soil”) and the quest for Lebensraum did not die with Hitler in his bunker in 1945: in only slightly changed form they continue to permeate green ideology, in everything from the worship of all things “organic” and the rejection of GM, artificial fertilisers, chemicals (and all the other hideous methods by which we keep the Third World from starving) to the fixation held by so many environmentalists from the Prince of Wales to John Holdren that there simply isn’t enough space on the earth to house and feed us all and that something must be done about population. (The only real difference between the Thirties Nazis and their modern eco counterparts is that they were a bit more honest as to exactly HOW they were going to deal with this population “problem”).
Precisely! Let us also remember that Hitler was a vegetarian, just like many of the present-day environmentalists. And he had dogs. Indeed, the Nazis were very fond of animals.
Hence, people that are concerned about consequences of using pesticides and fertilizers and about over-population, and people that like nature and animals and eat vegetables, are all Nazi!

If it walks like a Nazi and if it quacks like a Nazi then it is a Nazi – that’s my motto!

Obviously, this motto should be used with care. There are some things which the Nazis liked or did which do not implicate Nazism.

For instance beer! On November 8 , 1923, Hitler tried to stage a Nazi revolt in a Munich beer hall. The revolt failed, and Hitler was sent to prison where he went on to write “Mein Kampf”. Of course, it would be ridiculous to claim that people who drink beer are Nazis just because the Nazi’s liked beer.

Hitler built the Autobahn, a superior system of freeways that are still being used today. He also designed the Volkswagen, a car that every German should be able to afford. Yet, it would be ridiculous to claim that people that drive cars on freeways are Nazis!

The Nazis were very fond of weapons – hardly a surprise as they started World War II. But one can admire the beauty of weapons (personally, I like to collect Lugers) without being a Nazi. One can spend the weekends at the firing range without being a Nazi.

Finally, there is the contentious issue of torture. Yes, the Nazis used torture against their prisoners, and there are situations were torture is unethical – I’m the first to admit that. But sometimes torture can be justified in the defense of democracy. For instance, suppose that a group of Nazi terrorists had hidden an atomic bomb somewhere in New York, and that torturing them was the only way to get information about where the bomb was and the code needed to disarm it. In that case, torture would not be the Nazi thing to do, but on the contrary it would be an anti-Nazi act as it would stop the evil Nazi plans. In addition, the situation today is different from the situation in Nazi-Germany - in the latter, there were no Islamic terrorists!

Remember: green is brown!


  1. Terms like "Nazi", "Communist" or "worse than Hitler" aren't well defined. Sure, they meant something specific long ago, but now there are many more creative, modern definitions like - "anything I don't approve of" or "bad".

    Some politicized warmist shouters claim that if you compare anyone to Nazis or to Hitler or to Goering in an argument, you automatically lose the argument. That is untrue. THEY lost the argument by NOT using a Nazi comparison.

    If all else fails, call them Communists.

  2. Journalists, ecologists and environmentalists who repeat AGW theory are inculcating a generation to be Just Following Orders.

    I predict they will use that excuse, when we put them on trial for causing an ice-age, in which a billion perish in a "grünocaust".

  3. To be honest, people often think too much in black/white about Hitler. Let's face it: Hitler was not wrong on all accounts. He was right about the autobahns, the communists and the muslins. But of course, he was wrong in pursuing paganism and hedonism. Fortunately for us, the US of A have picked the best parts of his legacy (such as nuclear missiles and anticommunism) and combined it with freedom for all who obey the Lord's commandments. This is why the American Empire will continue to rule the world for a thousand years to come. Likewise, the ICPC and other liberals have picked the worst parts of Hitlers legacy (such as the paganism and obsession with nudity) and combined it with the worst ideals of communism (such as the false sense of equality of the sexes and races) and islan (such as the blind idolation of the ayatollas). If there's one more thing we should learn from Hitler, it is that we shouldn't underestimate our opponents. That's why the ICPP should be crushed and all it's members should be put in prison camps!

  4. I agree with P.O.E. Slaw we have to smash the IPCCCP to preserve free sceintifick research and freedom of speech.

    Glen Pecker. Moron Church of Anticommunismismismism.

  5. I have had a less mystical or political approach. From my perspective, it is all about money. When Germany discoverd itself in the late 19th century, it fell upon the Brits, the Russians (and to a lesser extent on the French) in its quest for Empire. Some of the conflict may be seen in the Great Game and can be summarized as the Berlin Baghdad Railway. The B-B Railway was founded by Siemens and Deutsche Bank

    Two World Wars later, Germany was reunited in 1990. Siemens and Deutsche Bank were still there. Iraq being clearly off limits, they decided to go after Northern Africa in some major land grab project called Desertec.

    If you look at most Green projects, including Anthropogenic Global Warming you will notice Siemens and Deutsche Bank. And while this sounds conspiratorial, here is some reading for sleepless nights:

  6. Didn't Nazis also invent modern rocket technology, thus pioneering space travel? A good follow-up article might be an outline the inherent fascism underlying the desire to leave the planet. I believe they also invented Aspirin, thus rendering pain management an eternally immoral practice -- and Methadone -- meaning, unfortunately, that any desire to get off heroin is an inherently Fascist urge.

    Any medical knowledge that resulted from research conducted b the third reich is evil, and should be avoided.

    Anything a Nazi scientist was ever fascinated by is tainted, unfortunately, because guilt-by-association isn't a patently fallacious rhetorical technique.


  7. Yeah, the Nazis believed that man-made climate change was a serious threat, and that's totally laughable, because they were obviously utterly incompetent scientists.

    They only invented: television, jet-propelled aircraft, guided missiles, electronic computers, the electron microscope, atomic fission, data processing.

    Technically, the Nazis invented every major technology that made the 20th century what it was. Their major failure was NOT in the realm of science, but rather, in the realm of discredited political ideology -- but only as a result of strategic military failure. Had they not decided to sit around Moscow for a few winters, we'd all be learning German as a second language. The truth is harsh, but there it is.

  8. The Nazis weren't scientists, dummy. A scientist could be a Nazi, however. Were they as highly responsible for scientific progress as you say though? Let's discuss this.

    In regards to rocket science I believe Sir George Cayley was a very influential person in aeronautical engineering, so perhaps you should pay your respects to him first. As well as Robert H. Goddard who greatly influenced Hermann Oberth and Wernher Von Braun. Braun wasn't exactly loyal to the Nazis. He states in his affidavit that he joined so that he could reap the benefits of being able to continue working - understandable. Though he later had no problem escaping to the US when he faced accusation of commie sympathies - once more, understandable, as it'd mean death. He was brilliant & an opportunist, he fared well because of it, but he was not a Nazi devotee, nor did the NSDAP ultimately make him as his story with the US later shows us (Operation Paperclip). Oberth wasn't born German but worked with the Nazis together with Braun, in contrast with Braun he was very much a believer even after the Axis defeat.

    Regarding the inventor of Aspirin he wasn't and couldn't be a Nazi, he was born Felix Hoffmann, in 1868, Aspirin came to be in 1894. Methadone is another nasty drug, as is Heroin, I could do without both. I.G. Farbenindustrie AG had originally intended the drug as a painkiller so as to help German soldiers during WWII, yet, that was a failure. Initial reports showed the "meth" as merely producing lethargy and apathy in soldiers - its usage in drug treatment and its name "methadone", came much later in 1947 after it had been introduced stateside by Eli Lilly and Company.

  9. You also confuse German with Nazi, they aren't necessarily the same. But yea, let's move on to the the Scientist-Nazi scientist dichotomy. Yea, if I'm allowed to interject my own opinion, a scientist submitting to a Nazi administration would be allowed to act only in the interest of NSDAP , therefore only able to carry out operations beneficial or of no consequence or of immediate danger to the Nazis. A scientist who forfeits his scientific vision for protection of ideologues is a coward, a scientist who willingly aids murderers is still complicit in the murder. But somebody who falters, like Braun or Zuse.. what of em'? They're a bit of both, they're users and used. Like contractors they might do work, but its all ultimately for their own benefit (or ruin if you're Hans Landa...).

    You might not be aware, but the NSDAP weren't very brainy or fond of intellect, Nazi ideology pronounced feeling and irrationality with a romantic tint of strict aristocratic hierarchies. Hardly ideal working conditions for a scientist, wouldn't you agree? It seems that Germany was doing very well in both physics and math in 25', a kind of tidal wave that quickly ebbed in 33' with Hitler. The end of the trend, you might say, they did Nazi that one coming.

    To elaborate: "When a Nazi minister visited Göttigen in the 1930s, and asked David Hilbert - a famous mathematician with a chair at the university there - how mathematics was doing now that they had rid the place of the Jewish influence. Hilbert's response was 'There is no longer any mathematics in Göttigen'. Indeed, it was the end of first-rate mathematics in Germany for a long time." - a snippet from Symmetry and the Monster: One of the greatest quests of mathematics" by Mark Ronan. Nazism isn't its primary focus, math is, yet there are bits and pieces concerning the Nazi-era and the scientists of that time.

  10. Onto more inventions. Nazis didn't invent the TV, polish born German named Paul Gottlieb Nipkow "patented the first electromechanical TV system". Furthermore: "Kenjiro Takayanagi demonstrated a TV system with a 40-line resolution that employed a CRT display at Hamamatsu Industrial High School in Japan. This was the first working example of a fully electronic television receiver."

    Your input regarding the "jet propelled aircraft" too, is false. The originators of this would be, René Lori & Henri Coandă . French and Romanian. The Germans pioneered "rocket-powered jet aircraft", the "Lippisch Ente" the first of its kind, saw air in 1928.

    The missiles and the electron microscope I cannot say much about, but the first computer was indeed developed in Nazi Germany by a scientist named Konrad Zuse, who WASN'T a member of the NSDAP and remained ambivalent of it, finally uttering something to the effect of "you either play ball or go jobless".

  11. Finally, atomic fission was the culmination of years of research by brilliant scientists of different nationalities, attributing it solely to the Germans, or, as you do, the NSDAP, seems to me unfair. The works of the scientists like the Curies, Becquerel, Bohr, Fermi, Chadwick... all contributed immensely to the research.

    Sure, the end credit goes to Otto Hahn (German), Lise Meitner (an Austrian and a Jew), and Fritz Strassmann (German). But tell me, how was this discovery due to any credit of Nazi scientific policy? If anything it happened despite of it, one of the scientists, Meitner, even lost her citizenship BECAUSE of the of NSDAP. How is that helping? Hahn wasn't even that fond of one of the main tenets of Nazism, Jewish extermination, he vehemently opposed it. How could their work ever go to the credit of NSDAP?

    In closing, I'll opine a bit again. You're grossly overstating the technological advances made by aid of the National Socialist Regime. Honestly, had the administration not retarded the scientific development your statement might've been true, there were and persisted many a brilliant German scientist before and during that grade A blunder came to power. Thankfully through all tough ordeals Germany survived and hopefully it won't relapse.


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