Monday 28 February 2011

Alarmistic blogging climate scientist: 10 C climate sensitivity possible

A hyper-alarmistic blogging climate scientist has claimed that a climate sensitivity of 10 C is possible! This is outrageous - this is twice of what even the insane IPCC bureaucrats consider plausible in their fevered imaginations! How are we ever to rebuild the public's trust in climate science in the light of such hysterical scare-mongering? How are we ever going to be reconciliated with the watermelons and bed-wetting chicken littles if they go on like this? Argh!
Personally, I'm sure that climate sensitivity is between -1 and 1 C, with a confidence of 10% (because we don't really know anything about how the climate works). So I'm feeling quite safe, except for the coming ice age but that would be natural!


  1. Surely anyone making such a claim should be hauled up in front of some tribunal or such and made to recant such folly! At the very least tied to a chair and tickled until they promise never to do it again...

  2. Spanked Donkey1 March 2011 at 00:12

    Thank God there are some scientists that are still on the side of sanity, like professor Curry (so vilified by the Team and the other alarmists).

  3. Timmy, 7 years old1 March 2011 at 04:12

    I read global warmin ten degrees i am very scared and i can not sleap i have nitmares my littl sister also cry

  4. Endorphin Monkey1 March 2011 at 05:51

    You used the word "possible". That is far too charitable toward the eco-tyrant who spewed this prediction in the first place. Putting +10 degrees at the top end of a 90% confidence interval of 0 to +10 degrees is designed to soften up the sheeperati until the "corrected" version of +7 to +12 degrees is released in a few months. The manufacturers of power-generating dog treadmills will be well compensated for their PR disinformation campaign. Human-powered treadmills will be next.

    By the way, what's green and woolly? A genetically modified sheep with watermelon DNA! That's what we'll be if we let our vigilance fail.

  5. This is outrageous! I'm sure a 10 degrees sensitivity is not possible physically. There, that's settled then.

  6. The warmofascists always use the most hyperinflated alarmism possible. Contrast that with the measured intelligent words of James Delingpole, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and you can see that the warmfascists are merely unqualified rabble.

    Rush Beckpoulgh. Center for Business Rights and Resources. Monckton, Indiana.


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