Friday, 9 July 2010

Arctic ice is not melting

Over at the eternally interesting blog WUWW (What’s Up With Watts?), there is an excellent post about the alleged decline of the Arctic sea ice. It is well worth reading: Steven Goddard is giving the warmofascists a really good bashing. However, when talking about arctic sea ice, people seem to miss the most important point. Fortunately, I'm here to tell you what it is. The most important point is that when ice is melting, and it turns into water that is warmer than the ice was, it is just a matter of transfer of energy from somewhere else. You see, the energy (in the form of heat) that warms the ice and makes it melt does not appear magically - it must come from somewhere else. And that somewhere else gets colder when the energy leaves it. You can observe the same phenomenon by putting ice into a glass of Single Malt. As the ice melts, the Single Malt gets colder. The ice is not melting because the Single Malt is getting warmer - it is the opposite. The Single Malt is actually getting cooler. So the melting of sea ice doesn't mean it is getting warmer, like the ad-hominem-slinging Al Gore Gestapo goon squad wants you to believe. It is only a matter of a redistribution of energy/heat, and that is perfectly natural. Actually, human activities cannot redistribute heat. Such redistribution would be a violation of Maxwell's demon, which is the foundation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
In addition, it takes very little energy to melt ice, as it only has to change from -epsilon to +epsilon degrees, where epsilon signifies a very very small number. So very small redistributions of energy can make a lot of ice melt. Like the flutter of the wings of a butterfly on Hawaii. So it is really silly to thinks that it has anything to do with human activities (unless it is butterfly-breeding humans).
If we look at the curve of the extent of the ice, we can see that it resembles what mathematicians call a Sine curve, after the Greek letter Sinulon. Sine curves occur in many situations in nature; for instance, sound waves are made up of Sine curves. And a Sine curve can never reach 0. It is mathematically impossible: the equation sine x = 0 has no solution. This proves mathematically that all ice can never melt, just as clearly as it proves that a sound never can be silent. And non-complete ice melting makes perfect sense: as the ice melts, we get more water, and the more water we get, the more ice can there be. Because – guess what - ice comes from water! Maybe the Dumming-Kruger-afflicted so-called climate scientists at NASA should try to learn some physics and mathematics for once!
In vino veritas!

Addendum: As Count Dracula very perceptibly has pointed out, I made a small mistake regarding the sine function. It is actually 0 when x=0. This implies that there was no arctic sea ice when Baby Jesus was born, during the Roman Steaming Period.
This article was published and peer reviewed within two hours. Wouldn’t it be great to see all climate science treated in the same manner whatever its source?
This is indeed the way that we need to peer-review from now on. Not gate-keeping, nor appeals to authority via a self-seeking, peer-review process that claims that only its accredited disciples are competent to judge!
My superior mental processing was laid bare, was replicable and found to be a tiny bit at fault. The self-styled Science of Climate, has been characterized via its most enthusiastic adherents by non-transparency, obfuscation and odorants of deceit. The deceit is still denied by the warmofascist ad-hominem-spitting eco-terrorists!


  1. My dear Baron von Monckhofen,
    I would most reverently point out that sin x = 0 has a solution: x = 0.

  2. Bishop Phil, a scientific illiterate afflicted with the malady of being a complete wanker9 July 2010 at 11:32

    So, the warmists first ban DDT, leaving Hawaiian butterflies to run hog wild and cause symptoms that can be mistaken for global warming by the gullible.

    Are there no depths to which Algore and Mann's communist conspiracy will not sink?

    I happen to have the ear of a British MP who quite rightly considers me an authority on the global warming scam, and I'm passing all your articles on to him as fast as I can write them out and post them. Don't be surprised if an upgrade to an Urldom is on the cards when this global scam is exposed, my dear Baron

  3. The sea ice graph was originally used by Christopher Monckton as part of his assertion that:
    “Arctic sea-ice extent is just fine: steady for a decade” It’s one of the illustrations that I use on my web page:
    Christopher Monckton:
    A vociferous Global Warming Denier - Liar

    However, if you look at what is really happening instead of listening to the political tribalism that spews endlessly from the Global Warming Deniers, you can easily find out that Arctic sea Ice is currently at a record low - with the decline rate accelerating. For example, see:

    Meanwhile, Global Warming / Climate Change continues. The 12 months ending May 2010 were the warmest 12 months in recorded history. The previous record was the 12 month period ending Dec. 2005. Data at
    Graph at:

    Global temperatures as measured by the UAH satellite continue at record levels.

    May 2010 was the warmest May on record in NOAA’s database.

    The glaciers continue to melt. Last year, Glacier National Park lost another two glaciers.
    Also see: “Losing a Legacy: A photographic story of disappearing glaciers”

    Then vs. now photographs show that glacial melting is worldwide. For example, see: (First of a pair) (2nd of a pair) (Recognize the mountain?)
    (Descriptions for the above about 2/3 of the way down at )

    And what kind of evidence do the deniers have?
    They are proving they can make as much noise as ever.

  4. Bill, you warmist scum, don't come here on this blog of the famous Prof. Baron with all these cherrypicked photographs. The last winter here was the coldest in a LONG time and still you're insisting that it is getting warmer? Hahaha! Once you burn in hell you will notice what real warming is!

  5. John F. Borowski28 January 2011 at 19:08

    The Arctic is melting...above normal temperatures. Facts are facts.
    Surface temperatures in parts of the Arctic have been 21 degrees C above normal for more than a month in recent weeks.

    "Boats were still in the water during the first week of January," said David Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, referring to southern Baffin Island, some 2,000 km north of Montreal. This is a region that receives just four or five hours of weak sunlight during the long winter. Temperatures normally range from -25 to -35 degrees C but were above zero on some days in January.

  6. Baron von Monckhofen30 January 2011 at 00:29

    John F. Borowski writes: "Facts are facts."

    That's were you go wrong, my friend! There are no facts, only opinions. And my opinions are more informed than yours.


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