Thursday, 29 July 2010

Listen to David Koch!

David Koch, who owns Koch Industries together with his brother Charles, is interviewed in the New York Magazine:

Koch says he’s not sure if global warming is caused by human activities, and at any rate, he sees the heating up of the planet as good news. Lengthened growing seasons in the northern hemisphere, he says, will make up for any trauma caused by the slow migration of people away from disappearing coastlines. The Earth will be able to support enormously more people because a far greater land area will be available to produce food, he says.

Wise words from a wise man and a great captain of industry, good for $17.5 billion! I wish people would listen more to honorable men like Koch, and less to hucksters like Jim Hansen who just wants to hog research grants and install a communist world government!

Audio sapiens Kochum vir


  1. With so many wise words coming out of right wing think tanks and from right wing pundits, why not give the whole climate science franchise over to them?
    Those "scientists" will be cleaning toilets for a living instead of living it up in their mansions, while snorting cocaine.

    Peter in Norway;)

  2. Plus, I can't imagine David or Charles ever inviting a masseuse into their hotel room. No, I can't.

    Wit's End

  3. I can't wait to see David and Charles' paper which will plainly show Hansen and Jones just how $17.5 billion worth of throwaway opinion trumps all their hoity-toity "evidence".

  4. I actually check my thermometer every day to find this supposed 0.7 percent warming everyone is talking about. It is bloody obvious that this global warming debate is a fraud, to everyone who can read a thermometer! Do it your self I say! Why don't these nazi-communist warming gurus check their own thermometers? On behalf of many!

  5. Oh! And by the way, I keep my own personal thermometer locked up in a secret place to ensure it is not tampered with. With all these warmist clowns, you can't trust anyone. My own holy thermometer is not tampered in any way! I advise everyone to keep their thermometers in a protected place, don't trust anyone - even your neighbours! Thermometers are fragile instruments and vulnerable to tampering! The fridge is my favorite place, but don't take my word for it - there are several places that might be useful.

  6. Ionic disturbances10 August 2010 at 17:55

    Herr Boron von carbondioxideistgutforyou,

    Apparently one Koch does not know what the other is doing. Whilst David is happy to be an agent of warming for the benefit of mankind, brother Charles has "employees striv[ing] to continuously improve operations to increase efficiency and reduce energy and water use, emissions and other waste." He touts these questionable accomplishments on something known as a fact sheet, so-named because it resembles facts on a sheet.

    Who to believe? Or is this a case of good Koch/bad Koch?

  7. Obviously, a man like Koch is much more trustworthy in the AGW debate than "sceintists" like Mann and Jones. First of all, he's rich, which proves he's much more intelligent than those "sceintists". Secondly, as he's rich already, he has no vested interest, unlike Mann and Jones who are always asking for more money because their work is supposedly so "important".

    Ionic, I believe the Kochs are just careful - before you know your company is the target of ecofascist action groups. These are hard times...

  8. Ionic disturbances14 August 2010 at 07:11

    "David Koch is also a major contributor to the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) show Nova, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. In 2006, he made a $20 million gift to the American Museum of Natural History, creating the David H. Koch Dinosaur Wing."
    This love for dinosaurs makes him suspicious, if not an overt target. After all, didn't dinosaurs die out due to catastrophic climate change? And Nova? That program, with all its fancy nouns and adjectives, is nothing but a liberal attempt to indoctrinate our kids with their so-called "science"! I prefer to spend my Tuesday evenings enjoying "Wipeout!"

  9. "In 2006, he made a $20 million gift to the American Museum of Natural History, creating the David H. Koch Dinosaur Wing."

    Christ, imagine how much a whole pterodactyl must cost.

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