Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mexicans Schmexicans!

There is a really silly paper in the Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences, which claims that global warming will cause millions of Mexicans to migrate to the United States. As anybody with some basic knowledge about history knows, mass migrations always come before the warming, and not after it. The Völkerwanderung or Migration period where Goths, Vandals, Anglons, Saxons and Huns moved around over Europe came before the Medieval Warming Period (see map). The great migration from the Old to the New World happened before the Recovery from The Little Ice Age period. Hence global warming cannot cause migrations - it must be the other way around.

And if Mexican migrations really would become a threat, the easiest solution for the United States would be to adapt and build a wall. Or maybe invade Canada. That would make much more sense than to stop using fossil fuels, which wouldn't have any noticable effects on the climate anyhow.

Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant!


  1. Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse!

  2. Basiculo ad cunnem, my dear baron.

    Matris Fututor:)

  3. Congratulations on uncovering another fundamental truth Baron!

    The other day I happened to be looking for loopholes in the warmists datasets when I noticed that the awful racket of limbo dancing was giving me a headache. I looked outside to see where it was coming from but the street was dark, as it usually is these days. There aren't too many of us whites left round here and it could have been any of them. But that's by the by.

    By looking at this chart:
    it becomes apparent that West Indian immigration to the UK almost exactly coincides with the global cooling of the mid 20th Century.

    Of course, standard warmist propaganda would have us believe that the Nationality Acts of 1948 and 1962 are what actually defines the period, which is exactly why researchers such as yourself are needed to expose the long term, carefully laid-down lies of Jones and his ICCCP cronies.

  4. This paper is scandalous, not only because of its scaremongering, but also because it's racist in nature. It tries to convince good Christian Americans they should stop driving their SUVs otherwise they will be flooded by Mexican immigrants, with the tacit assumption that our good Mexican fellow human beings are something to be afraid of. Of course, many Americans will now start to blame the poor Mexicans if they can't continue to drive their Hummers anymore. Anybody who thinks logically can easily see the fallacy of this paper, though. First of all, it's already hot in Mexico so the Mexicans are already used to warm temperatures. Secondly, if crops in Mexico fail, it's not because of any so-called "climate change" but because the Mexicans are lazy. That's also the reason why so many of them are in drugs trafficking. And if all Mexicans would move to the US, they would not be able get some easy money anymore by smuggling drugs across the border, as there would be no border anymore. So the Mexicans wouldn't even *want* to move to the US, because it would deprive them from their main source of income. And even if they would want, the solution would be very easy, as the Baron so nicely pointed out.

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