Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fourth International Conference on Climate Change

I'm having a wonderful time here in Chicago at the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change, organized by the Heartland Institute in order to ensure independence from warmofascist politicians. It is truly great to be here with my peers. Well, not literally peers, except for Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Curer of HIV, MS and the Common Cold, Victor of the Falklands war and Vanquisher of Al Gore. But there are plenty of real intellectual heavy-weights here: James Inhofe, Marc Morano, James Delingpole, Anthony Watts, Willis Eschenbach (Independent Climate Researcher), Ian Plimer, and the ever present S. Fred Singer! With such a collection of luminaries, the final nail in the coffin of global warming will be driven in with much force and determination!

My own presentation about the asphalt effect on Venus was received with much enthusiasm. Another favourite presentation was when Marc Morano, the bane of Kerry, had an actor dressing up as Phil Jones (nice sweater) and then demonstrated how to kick him while he was down! Then Marc produced a whip and went on to flog the poor man. Oh, how the audience cheered! It really reminded me of how we used to train the Polish laborers when I was a boy in Prussia. Sweet childhood memories. James Delingpole, one of the worlds foremost journalists who is right about everything, told a terrifying tale about the nauseating emails sent by a disgusting eco-fascist organisation to Conservative candidates asking about their positions on climate change. Such behaviors must be stopped in order to save democracy from the eco-fascists! A few of the presentations were very complicated and hard to follow though, in particular Dennings "Debunking Common Myths About Global Warming" (PPT), but the title was very good.

As usual, no bed-wetting warmists dared to turn up. They know they don't stand a chance when they cannot hide their decline behind their "peer-reviewed" and the ICCCP bureaucracy. What a pathetic bunch of cowards they are! The suckers actually have to pay to go to their own boring warmist conferences. And fortunately we were spared the assaults of the Jewish Hitler jugend.

The conference gifts are great: cigarettes, and a nice tea-party tool box! When I come home, I will throw my own tea party. I'm really looking forward to some more nice Heartland conferences this year: about the dioxin scam, the asbestos scam, the DDT scam and of course the tobacco scam!

Ubi fumus, ibi ignis.
Achtung: It has been pointed out to me that Denning's presentation was not about debunking the bedwetting warmists' myths about global warming, but the skeptical myths. Do not read it! Mr Denning is a warmista agent that has shamefully infiltrated the conference in order to spread the lies of Al Gore!


  1. Hey, your contribution constitutes an ad hominem attack. According to the blog guidelines, you should self-delete your entry.

  2. I was thinking of establishing my own think tank: the Vatherland Institute.

  3. Addendum:

    The Vatherland Institute could host its own conference on 'warmist believing'. Speakers could be von Monckhofen, von Monckhausen, some more German Monckies, Dr. Inferno, John Cook, Tim Lambert etc....the whoiswho of denial-denial. The Institute could be located in a vineyard in the B.C. interior. That could be a truly mind opening event...

  4. Awww! I am so jealous, I really wanted to go and honor TVMOB by wearing a pith helmet!!

  5. How I envy your access to those upper echelons of human achievement, my dear baron.

    Intellectual heavyweights?
    Why, I'm surprised that you didn't find yourself rubbing shoulders and sharing nibbles with a black hole, so intense must the field of sheer pure, selfless thought energy have been. And that's before Delingpole even got there!

    This event must surely signal another nail in the final coffin of AGW.

  6. You may find this interesting,

    Who is Willis Eschenbach?

    As of 2012 Mr. Eschenbach has been employed as a House Carpenter.

    He is not a “computer modeler”, he is not an “engineer” and he is certainly not a “scientist” (despite all ridiculous claims to the contrary).

    “A final question, one asked on Judith Curry’s blog a year ago by a real scientist, Willis Eschenbach…”


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