Thursday, 25 November 2010

Greenland not so green in medieval times

It has often been claimed by well-informed climate realists that Greenland was called that because it once was all green and covered with grass. Recent archaeological finds paint a different picture. The Danish blog Scientist Dr Viktor Dritthavn has made some remarkable discoveries which will overthrow the prevalent view of medieval Greenland as a lush meadow.
While surfing on the net, Dr Dritthavn found images that were claimed to be ruins of Viking-era farmsteads, but Dr Dritthavn recognized them for something else. They were ruins of mosques!

“The plans of the buildings were strikingly similar to plans of mosques”, comments Dr Dritthavn. “And what’s more – no shoes were found. There was not a single shoe visible in the images. If it was a Viking farmstead, that would be hard to explain. But Muslims always remove their shoes before entering into a mosque. Therefore, it must have been a mosque.”
This is what a mosque looks like. The similarity can hardly be a coincident.

The implications are staggering. Greenland was not colonized by Vikings, but by Arabs. They were previously thought to only have reached as far northwest as the Iberian Peninsula, but now we know that they continued their northwestern expansion all the way to Greenland. And if there were Arabs in Greenland, it couldn’t have been green with grass. Greenland must have been a desert, subject to the same hot and arid climate as the present-day Arabian Peninsula and Northern Africa. In other words, it must have been several tens of degrees warmer than today.
This means that the Medieval Warming period not only existed, but was considerably warmer than today. And yet civilization flourished during these times, only to go into a steep decline during the Little Ice Age when Eskimos hunted walrus and penguins in southern France and all scientific and technological development came to a grinding halt.
Not least importantly, this proves that McIntyre and Wegman were right and that Mann and Jones were wrong! Of course, the enforcers of the prevalent scientific dogma will do everything they can to put the lid on these new fantastic discoveries, but this is the era of blog science so they will not succeed!
So how can we explain the name Greenland, if it was a desert? That’s simple enough. Green is a holy colour in Islam. Many Islamist countries have green flags. The name Greenland is irrefutable proof of an Arab colonization (or possibly an Irish one, but the absence of bottles is evidence against that.)
Dr Dritthavn is now organizing an expedition to Greenland. “I have relied on Google maps for my research, but now I feel I need to be there in person”, he says. “I will search for camel remains frozen into the kilometre thick Greenland ice sheet, and they would be hard to find using Google maps. There are certain passages in the Kitab al-Azif manuscript by the medieval Arab scholar Abdul Alhazred that hint at camel caravans crossing the Greenland desert.”
We are looking forward to the day that Dr Dritthavn brings backs more evidence from the time when Greenland looked like this:
Picture taken by Luca Galuzzi -

Who knows? Maybe he can even find the harem of some Greenlandish sheik buried in the ice.

Ubi solitudinem faciunt pacem appellant


  1. Amazing detective work!
    More evidence that Greenland is a desert:
    It almost never rains, especially in winter!
    Greenland Ranch Station, Death Valley gets only 1.58 inches of precipitation a year!
    Some scholars, such as myself, believe Muhammad's farewell pilgrimage took him to Greenland, where he is now REALLY buried.
    On a related note I have found the TRUE location of the Holy Grail, close to Greenland, in sunny England. Co-incidence?

  2. Can I go too? I always wanted to be an archaeologist! Then I found out that dinosaur bones were a trick by Darwinists to make us think the earth is more than 6,000 years old - when GOD created it. So helping to find evidence of Muslins in Greenland would be terrific compensation for that grave disappointment.

    Where can I sign up?

  3. Interesting, Baron, but I'm afraid that your theory has one fatal flaw, namely that civilisation would be flourishing under Islan. We all know this is not possible and that muslins have never contributed anything substantial to sceince, culture and civilisation, literally zero. Personally I think it is much more likely these buildings are the remains of early Christian churches that were destroyed by those pagan eskimoos. It's widely known eskimoos share their wifes with everybody who comes along. As a punishment, the Lord plunged their fertile green land into an ice age and the consequences we can still see today.

  4. Ragged Edge of Reality4 December 2010 at 13:21

    Poor dude in that last picture, looking for evidence of the supposed ice sheets and vineyards probably. Well sorry hombre, no dice. Put your sand skis on and make the most of it.

  5. Megan Mcneil! ILOVEJUSTINBIEBER JUSTINBIEEBERFOREVER!!22 March 2011 at 10:55

    Well... I had no idea that they named Greenland that because it use to be ALL GREEN!!
    But I do think that it's very cool!
    Looks like, I'm going to have to remember that they named Greenland that because of the COLOR!!
    Lauch Out Loud!! :) That's for telling me that.

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    Science triumphs again


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