Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fun at WUWT

There is a post at WUWT that is a real laugh. At first I thought it was for real, but it turned out it was a hilarious and spot-on parody of the warmists!
This piece literally had me falling off my horse with laughter:
Al Gore also hailed the paper as a milestone, writing in a press release, “All questions and skepticism should be ended at this point, the proof is in.” Gore declined to comment, aids saying he was too busy selling carbon offsets to himself.

As we all know, the eco-fascists could never come up with anything that funny. They completely lack a sense of humour. Al Gore is reported to have accidentally killed several people from boredom when he once tried to make a joke! It was a most painful death.
Thinking about it, this lack of a sense of humour appears to be a common trait in people I disagree with on some point or another: environmentalists, communists, neighbours, people that don't like sausages, the English, the French, bicyclists, women (in particular my ex wife), children, and some categories that it would be too politically incorrect to mention here. They never appreciate a good laugh!

Here is another good laugh, from my famous series of Nazi pictures with funny captions.

All our bombz are made from rezyclable material. We mustn't harm the environment!


  1. Hahahahahahahahah!
    But good you mentioned it was a parody, I wouldn't have guessed.

  2. Baron von Monckhofen20 November 2010 at 09:41

    Indeed, Mr P.O.E. Slaw, sometimes it is very hard to tell a parody from the real thing.
    If nobody else has come up with that observation before, then I'd like to call it "von Monckhofens law".

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