Monday, 15 November 2010

The Windmill Mafia in Corleone

The Mafia in Sicily has infiltrated the windmill industry, creaming off millions of eco-euros from both the Italian government and the European Union reports The Telegraph. Yes, that is true: organized crime is moving into the renewable energy sector. Windmills are being built in Corleone, by the Mafia. The Eco-mobsters, the green thugs! Do you hear that, tree-huggers and eco-hippies? This really makes me angry. Bloody windmills, bloody wind power. If you get your power from a wind farm, you are literally pouring your money into the pockets of the Godfather! It is absolutely disgusting. Windpower is fundamentally corrupt. And what is it going to be next? Will violence, oppression, dictatorships, terrorism and war follow in the tracks of the heavily subsidized wind-power sector? Surely the answer is "yes".
Did I say how outrageous I find this? How much this makes me hate wind power? It is absolutely revolting.

Say “No” to wind power. There is literally blood blowing around the rotors of those windmills. Say "No" to criminality, violence and oppression! Say "Yes" to good old honest oil instead! That is the only truely moral choice!

Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit.

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