Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Another vicious attack on Wegman

Another vicious attack against professor Edward Wegman, the world’s foremost statistician, has been launched by the blog with the pornographically-sounding name “Deep Climate”. Professor Wegman was behind the report that convincingly demonstrated that Michael Mann’s infamous hockey-stick was broken.
Apparently, the warmists couldn’t find any pretence for attacking professor Wegman personally. Nor were they able to produce any incriminating evidence in professor Wegman’s email correspondence – they have probably not even been able to procure said email correspondence! So instead, the cowards resort to attacking professor Wegman’s report! It is absolutely disgusting.
The disgraceful attack appears to have two prongs. First, Deep Climate claims that professor Wegman, instead of actually doing his own investigation of the ability to reproduce hockey-sticks from red (communist) noise, just copied original hockey-stick breakers McIntyre and McKitrick without really understanding what was going on. This is of course utterly ridiculous: in order to reproduce a scientific result one obviously need to have exactly the same data and code. Otherwise, one might get the wrong result. Second, Deep Climate claims that the code of McIntyre and McKitrick selected those 1% of graphs that looked most like a hockey-stick (had the most pronounced blades), instead of selecting them randomly from all those generated. Again, this is an utterly ridiculous complaint, illustrating Deep Climate’s complete lack of understanding of statistics and sports. After all, it is called the “hockey-stick graph”. With a smaller blade, it would look more like a golf club (unlike ice-hockey golf is a noble and manly sport, free of poorly disguised homo-eroticism).
One also has to ask oneself what is the reason for this asinine and manic obsession with some arcane issues in a 5-year old report. Don’t the warmists have anything new to offer? It really seems demented! But it is probably intended as a diversion from the defining issue in the climate debate: the use of short-centred PCs in the hockey-stick paper from 1998!

Circumornatae ut similitudo templi.


  1. Congratulations. A, on the post. B, you're google #2 for "Circumornatae ut similitudo templi" already.

  2. Congratulations indeed, but not about the Latin. As everybody knows, latin is the language of the Antichrist. As always, you should ask yourself the question: what would Jesus do? Would Jesus speak latin? No, sir! If you read the Bible it becomes clear Jesus spoke plain old-fashioned English! In fact the entire Bible is written in English, from Genisis to the Acopalypse!

  3. Professor Wigwam is surely the victim of a Manniac!


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