Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Lord Monckton censored at Cancun

Photograph: Jenny Bates for the Guardian
Censorship rules in Cancun! The Lord Monckton was forced to leave the World Climate Summit lunch party at the Ritz Carlton hotel, reports the Guardian. The Lord Monckton had informed the other participants that man-made climate change was not happening, but this wasn't tolerated by the Hitler Jugend organizers of the event. Indeed, their mind-controlling zealotry went so far that they hadn't even invited the Lord Monckton in the first place.

It is evident that the alarmist eco-fascists are getting increasingly desperate as the AGW house of cards is falling apart! And they really have no manners!

Absentem laedit, qui cum ebrio litigat.


  1. I think we all know Sir Mockington as a civilised person, a real gentleman. He would never exaggerate, never tell any lies, and he wouldn't call anybody names. He bases his opinions on facts and truth, is open to new ideas, is always willing to listen and politely lets other people ventilate their ideas. I'm absolutely convinced he doesn't get paid for his climate education work and does it all on a voluntary basis, for the benefit of mankind. How difficult it must be for such a noble and polite and sincere person to deal with those barbaric "sceintists" and eco-muslins! They try to prevent him from speaking the Truth, defame him and disrupt his dinner parties! They try to silence him by making disingeneous claims and spreading outdated and false "theorries". They want us to believe that Sir Mockeddon is an imposter, while it is those "sceintists" who are deceiving the entire world. Such impudence!

  2. Monckton's sartorial elegance is all the argument I'll ever need.


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