Friday, 17 December 2010

Criminals illegally steal FOX email about AGW scam

Image from Whats Up With That

Illegal and criminal hackers recently broke the law by illegally stealing the email above from Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon. The email was later displayed on the criminal blog "Climate Progress" ran by the offender and AGW activist Joe Romm. The email must have been illegally obtained either from Mr Sammon's mail account or illegally forwarded from one of the recipients to some criminal activists.
Anyhow, Sammon is perfectly correct to point out that whether it is getting colder or warmer is scientifically a very controversial issue (just like the citizenship of Obama), and it would be tantamount to communist propaganda to suggest otherwise. Indeed, all non-manipulated evidence unequivocally point to the imminent onset of a new ice age. For instance, large parts of Europe are presently covered by snow, and no "trick to hide the decline" can possibly hide that "travesty". This email proves that FOX truly is a fair and balanced network that embodies the highest journalistic and scientific standards. The activist-criminals surely have shot themselves in the foot with this illegally obtained weapon.

We can only hope that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli can identify the culprits of this illegal and immoral email theft when he gets hold of the email correspondence of fugitive decline-hider Michael Mann.

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