Sunday, 9 October 2011

Galileo was a skeptic, damn it!

It is really going downhill with the American Institute of Physics. They have just published a disgraceful article by some individual by the name of Steven Sherwood in Physics Today. This is really some of the worst garbage I have read in a long time, and that is saying a lot! Sherwood writes about the low degree of acceptance of the so-called climate science and global warming hypothesis among the general public, and compares it to how the ideas of Copernicus and Galileo about the round Earth were opposed. They also compare it to how Einstein's theory of relativity was opposed.

Pardon my French, but this is utterly ridiculous and complete stinking bullshit! Hansen and Mann and Gore cannot be compared to Copernicus and Galileo and Einstein! The latter three were geniuses who were persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition. Hansen and Mann and Gore are not geniuses, qutie the contrary. Hansen and Mann and Gore are the Spanish Inquisition! The people who really are persecuted today are those who dares to speak up against the global warming dogma: brave people like Marc Morano, Anthony Watts, The Lord Monckton, James Delingpole, Andrew Bolt, senator Inhofe, and all the brave people in the Galileo movement. And we can also add Erl Happ to this list, after his brilliant article about high level clouds and surface temperature at WUWT. These are the Copernicuses and Galileos and Einsteins of today!

And what's this thing about Einstein? Einstein was wrong, damn it! Haven't they heard that at the American Institute of Physics? What a bunch of dolts!


  1. Of course Mr. Sherwood doesn't mention evilution, because it is still not accepted by the general public. And of course this is because most people know more about this topic than the "sceintists" themselves! Everybody knows that when it comes to evilution, "sceintists" are WRONG, but they won't admit it. Gallilleo was also WRONG about the earth being round. And now it turns out Einstien was also WRONG. In that sense I'm quite happy with comparing Al-gore to Gallilleo, because we know Al-gore is also WRONG. I think it's safe to say "sceintists" are always WRONG and ordinary people like me know much more than them. They may think they're so smart with their fancy "college" "degrees", but in reality they are really the DUMBEST of all people.

  2. @ P.O.E. S
    I guess that's irony :)


  3. @Anonymous Fredrik

    Irony? In OUR household Mrs. Slaw does all the irony.

  4. Endorphin Monkey10 October 2011 at 07:55

    Personally, I would be willing to walk up to Al Goar and tell him "Mr. Goar, I worked with Galileo, I knew Galileo, Galileo was a friend of mine. Mr. Goar, you're no Galileo." Of course I didn't actually know Galileo, but reading this blog makes me feel as if I did, so it's the same thing.

    Galileo was a trouble-maker in search of better things, like his father Vincenzo Galilei. Vincenzo had a "great" idea which had to do with taking stage plays and having them sung instead of spoken. The result: Opera! Things went downhill with that idea. 200 years later, you had sopranos in horned helmets and blonde wigs shrieking about furchbarkeit and sauerkraut in the Wagneria opera "The Lord of the Rings of the Oktoberfest Gods". Nowadays, modern opera sounds like a pack of cats fighting dial-up modems in a hammer factory, and it's all heavily subsidized by taxpayers, because governments want to make their cities look "cultured".

    It's a good thing that Galileo atoned for his father's sins.

  5. Newtreenoes go faster'n light. So Einstien was wrong. If he'd studied those newts rather than just theorisationing all day mebbe he'd have bin right. But those Goddamn sceintists are too busy to go outside an' look at the weather, so they can see that global warmin' is so much hooey. Besides if Jebus tells me that Osama Bin Al Gore is the antichrist then anthroposexual warmin' is a SIN!

  6. My most dearest Baron, have you seen the independant report from Berkeley sponsored by those of us that know that global warming is a liberul commie scam? Well apparently the liberul commies have infiltrated the project and made it come out in favour of global warming!
    I have an idea how to save us though. We can point out that the results of the project aren't peer reviewed, then when they get peer reviewed by sceintists, we can then point out how flawed the peer review process is! That'll make it go away!


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