Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sudden cooling in 1990's discovered!

Dear readers, today I will publish a graph which is probably the most important graph ever published here.
Consider the typical temperature anomaly graph that the warmist establishment publishes, like this one from NASA.

As you can see, we have an apparent strong warming in the 1990s. Was that because Earth was actually getting warmer during the 1990s?

No, maybe not at all. Now consider the following graph by fearless hockey stick slayer McKitrick, which shows that in the 1990s two things happended.

First, the number of weather stations was dramatically reduced (diamond line). Most of the disappeared stations were in the former Soviet Union, China, Africa and South America. Second, the measured average global temperature went up by 2.5 degrees Celsius (red bars). Note that the measured average temperature in the graph is the unweighted average value of all the weather stations: no “gridding” or other artificial means for manipulating and massageing the data have been used. It’s just the weather station data as they are.

Nobody in his right mind can believe that it actually got 2.5 degrees warmer in one year. Hence, the 2.5 degree must be an artefact of the dramatic and mysterious disappearance of all these thousands of weather stations. Of course, that artefact will inflate the global average temperature, and as we can see in the topmost graph, the global average temperature increased during the 1990’s. It appears that the reduction of the number of stations has not been corrected for. This is quite typical. The warmists from NASA, CRU etc are all too happy to apply a lot of phony corrections upwards, but when it comes to downwards corrections they are not so keen. It is a monumental scandal of enormous proportions that this most needed correction has not been done.
That is until now. Yours truly has recalculated the global temperatures with a correction for the artificial 2.5 degree increase in 1990. The new and true global temperature graph looks as follows.

As you can see, it actually got a lot colder during the 1990s. It suddenly got more than 2 degrees colder. And you know what is really funny? Nobody seems to have noticed. The alarmists have been telling us all these scare stories about how bad everything is going to get if the temperature changes more than two degrees. The whole human race would go extinct, and so on. (Have they never heard about evolution?) Oh dear oh dear! But when it happens in reality, the change is so small that it is not even noticeable. And why should it be? There can be several degrees difference from day to day, and nobody cares. I usually wear the same coat (made of the finest mole-skin) the year around, whether it is warm or cold. Only by employing sophisticated but sound data processing techniques did I manage to discover this sudden cooling. So this definitely proves that (1) there is no warming, but on the contrary a cooling, and (2) climate change on the several-degrees-scale is completely harmless. It is of course no concidence that NASA and CRU conveniently "forgot" to do the correction that I did, and is no wonder that Michael Mann needed a trick to hide the decline. If it came out that the climate is cooling but yet no harm is done, it would be a two-pronged nail in the coffin of the antropogenic global warming scam. Well, now it has come out! Time to retire Pachauri, Hansen and Gore I say!

Exitus acta probat.


  1. I cannot hope to begin to learn the multidimensional thinking required by accredited blog scientists such as yourself. But still I want to ask about the numbers on the left-hand side of the graph. You seem to imply that they are in some sort of advanced scientific hot-cold meter called "Celsius"? Can you gloss over that for us laymen?

  2. Baron von Monckhofen29 September 2010 at 00:24

    Dear anonymous,

    Celsius is a way of quantifying temperatures. 0 degrees is neither warm nor cold, anything negative is cold, anything positive is warm. The larger the number the warmer/colder it is. So +100 degrees is warm enough to boil eggs, and -100 is cold enough to freeze eggs (don't try that at home).

  3. I'm a bit troubled by that, Baron. Celsius is what "sceintists" use when they talk about "global warming". But where in the Bible is Celsius mentioned? Exactly, nowhere! That's why we should stick to trusted Christian units such as Fahrenheit and miles and shy socialist world-order units such as Celsius and meter.

  4. And who likes the cold? The Russkis thats who!
    They're tellin' us that its gettin' warmer and its really gettin' Moscow chillier!
    I blame the RedsgreensLesbiamsGaysthesunthe moontheseaalqaidaliberalsPZMyersRicharddawkinsanduncleJoeStalin'sredredghost!
    Goats on Fire!

    Wibblebyorn Karlen

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