Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Guest Post by Rush Limbaugh: The Universe of Lies Versus the Universe of Reality

Nobody else alive today possesses the Solomonic wisdom of Rush Limbaugh, the Greatest Radio Talk Show Host Ever. We should always listen when Rush Limbaugh speaks. It is pure gold coming out of his mouth. I honestly wish I could be such a great orator as Rush Limbaugh! And one day I may become that, if I work really hard.
At the same time, the one thing we should never forget is Climategate. We must never ever never ever never ever forget Climategate. Never ever. And we must never ever never ever never ever let anybody else forget either. We must always talk and discuss and analyse and speak the truth about Climategate. Therefore I am very proud to offer this guest post by Rush Limbaugh, which I borrowed from one of his talks from November last year. (I borrowed the picture from there as well. Thanks, Rush!)

ClimateGate Hoax: The Universe of Lies Versus the Universe of Reality

We're going to talk about Copenhagen. We really live, folks, in two worlds. There are two worlds. We live in two universes. One universe is a lie. One universe is an entire lie. Everything run, dominated, and controlled by the left here and around the world is a lie. The other universe is where we are, and that's where reality reigns supreme and we deal with it. And seldom do these two universes ever overlap. A great illustration is what's happening here with what is now incontrovertibly known as a hoax. We know that the lead place, this Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University -- which is the number one advisor and communicator with the IPCC, which is the UN's climate-control crowd.

We know that data was made up to advance the notion that man is causing the climate to warm. We know that data was purposely left out that hides the fact that the earth is cooling. Even on this bunch's website, they cannot hide the fact that temperatures have not increased the last ten years, and they've had to come up with some of the most irrational, illogical explanations for it. "Well, it's the ocean currents out there. It could be El Nino or La Nina. A lot of stuff is going on," but they specifically ignore anything related to the sun! And without the sun, there's nothing. How you can ignore the sun in the whole concept of warming is idiocy. But the point is this: We have now the facts. I don't care how it happened, whistle-blower or a hacker.


You know, folks, the two universes here -- The Universe of Lies, The Universe of Reality -- they don't overlap anymore. And this is even bigger than global warming, which was my point yesterday. It's about everything that the left is involved in. What this fraud, what the uncovering of this hoax exposes, is the corruption that exists between government and academia and science and the media. Science has been corrupted. We know the media has been corrupted for a long time. Academia has been corrupted. None of what they do is real. It's all lies! It is all oriented toward a political outcome. It's bigger than global warming. And of course science has been corrupted here. Science is being used for political purposes.

It always has been, but this is a new low -- or a new high, depending on your perspective. But what they have done here is now make it reasonable to doubt everything some scientist says who gets government money from somewhere. And if you know what's good for you, if you know that they're leftists, you won't believe anything they say any time, anywhere, about anything. Their ideas are so hideous, are so insidious, so anti-free market, that they have to dress their ideas up in a phony cloak of compassion: Saving the planet, saving the polar bears, saving the water, saving the earth, saving whatever it is. "Saving the poor," while they destroy the poor. It just infuriating. So we have now the Four Corners of Deceit, and the two universes in which we live. The Universe of Lies, the Universe of Reality, and The Four Corners of Deceit: Government, academia, science, and media. Those institutions are now corrupt and exist by virtue of deceit. That's how they promulgate themselves; it is how they prosper.

Ubi maior, minor cessat.


  1. Ionic disturbances21 September 2010 at 18:27

    Herr Baron:
    The Oracle of Limbaw has shown us the Way and the Truth: We live in Two Universes, with a grand total of Four Corners. That means each Universe only has Two Corners. Even in my weakened state, I have pondered this, only to discover that its impossible to draw a closed shape with just Two Corners. My felicitous congratulations to you for bringing this discovery to light: we must conclude that our Universes are open. And that allows any excess heat to escape to the Outside, rendering any 'warming' impossible. Game, set and match.

  2. Dear Mr Dr Professor Baron, Sir:

    I am somewhat perplexed by the statement of Mr Dr Limbo regarding the overlap of the universe of lies and the universe of reality, viz: "The Universe of Lies, The Universe of Reality -- they don't overlap anymore." Apparently they did overlap at one time in the past, in which case we must have had part of the universe in which occurred lies that represented reality. Sorry for the stupid question but I am new to this subject and we have few books here in the desert (although we do get a booming AM radio signal at night and we hear many funny folks on their with voices like buzzsaws who say things similar to Mr. Dr Limberger).


  3. Baron von Monckhofen21 September 2010 at 23:54

    Dear Ionic Disturbances,
    The four corners in the picture are all inside the Universe of Lies. In addition, the corners are round, as is befitting to a Universe of Lies. The Universe of Reality, on the other hand, is round, with some depressions and protrusions which makes it resemble Rush Limbaugh's head.

    One thing that bothers me though, is whether the statement "This universe is an entire lie" is a truth or a lie in the Universe of Lies? I really cannot make sense of it. My head aches...
    Well, that's nothing a cocktail of oxycodone, hydrocodone and Viagra cannot fix!

  4. I always found Limebaughw way too left wing.
    He's in the meeja after all.

    I suspect Rush is short for Rushan too.
    Filthy filth column commie bastard.

    There you are - I dared say it. So be it.

  5. I was so moved by Rush's words, I started to get tears in my eyes! Sceince has been corrupted! Sceince is being used for political purposes! Such True words! That's what I've been saying for so long already! Just look at how the entire debate around evilution has been politicized! Thank God we still have intellectual heavyweights like Rush Limlaugh and Senator Carter and Next President of the United States Sarah Palin who are free from any politicial agendas and sincere enough to see the problems in today's sceintific practice.

  6. I hope that one day Mr Limbore becomes the president of our beautiful free market economy. If we dig up Ayn Rand's corpse and give it some more amphetamines it will jerk back to animation and be ready to become President Limbore's first lady. What a joyous day that will be....preschoolers made to work for free down my coal mines and starving Mexicans enslaved at my drilling sites, and health and safety laws a thing of the past....It would truly be heaven.

    Unctuous Mc Greedie, BP Manager TX. Texas is the place, apart from Austin, where its just full o' commies and queers with no steers 'n' beers.


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