Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The retreat has begun!

From the eminent blog NoTricksZone run by the intrepid P Gosselin we learn about the beginning of the desperate retreat of the warmists. Gosselin reports:
Usually warmists screech that humans are 95% responsible for the recent warming, and that huge positive water vapor feedbacks will get involved in the future. So it’s not very often you hear a warmist admit that humans perhaps could be just half responsible for the warming of the last 100 years.
This is what German climate expert Professor Mojib Latif said in an interview this morning with NDR public radio.
And what did Latif Say? Fasten you seat belts, folks, he said this:
"The fact is that there is climate change. The fact is that man is also at least 50% responsible for the warming over the last 100 years.”
Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you: he said "50%". That is 0.35 degrees! That's practically nothing. It is clear that the global warming rats are leaving the sinking climate change ship. It is a nearly incredible u-turn relative to the orthodox ICCCP position. According to the ICCCP bible:
Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations.
Of course, you can expect Latif to be hounded and vilified by the warmist inquisition after this unambiguous admission that the ICCCP is wrong and there is no climate threat. He is surely not going to get any more science grants after he has deserted the dogma of the global warming religion: his days at the gravy train are past. But this is a sure sign that the Berlin Wall of the eco-fascistic mega bureaucracy is beginning to crack, and the cracks will become larger and more until the whole unholy edifice comes tumbling down just like the walls of Jericho!



  1. Where to start!!? They can't get their story straight, and that's right - it's a story, made up for the fawning boot-licking lackey-dog eco-toadies and running-dogs, but we see Dr. Latif, a scientist, who is furiously but discreetly back-peddling, much like the Nazi leadership searching for escape routes to South America before the CCCP and Homeland Security showed up in 1945.

    The next thing you know, percentages of 40% and 35% will appear in the MSM. Then values will decline until the eco-turncoats completely give up around the end of 2012, which will NOT be the end of everything, but a new beginning. The Mayans were wrong, and President Bachmann will lead the way.

    Some of the enviro-Quislings might point to recent statements by Ian Plimer and Lord Monkeyton of Benchpress as climb-downs on their part. Wrong! They're just restatements to make their revelations better understood by the barely literate slack-jawed mob.

    And may I add at this time, you've all been very good about staying off my lawn. Thank you!

  2. I don't know, I don't trust this "professor" Latiff, firstly because he has a muslin name, and mostly because he is a self-confessed "sceintist". I don't think the "Team" will give up their desire for world domination so easily. Instead, I believe this is all just a publicity stunt. Al-gore must have realised that all this talk about "consensus" and 99.9% of the climate "sceintists" supposedly believing in "global" "warming" is hard to take seriously now that even in Russia Puttyn wins rigged elections with barely more than 50%. So I suppose they have asked this "professor" Lattef to play the dissident, and no doubt he will get a hefty pay for that (tax payer's money, of course)! And note how he is still denying the reality of global cooling! Sorry, Baron, but an enemy is only defeated once he's safely six feet under the ground.


  4. Dear friends and readers of this blog,

    It's been more than one month since our Beloved Baron has last shown us the true path of Climate Scepticism, and now we have to face the reality: the Baron is no more. The Team must have got him, just as they got Professor Inferno from the eminent denial depot. Both men (there's no doubt in my mind that such eloquent bloggers were indeed men) must have got too dangerous for Al-gore, too influential, too truthful. I often fantasize about how the IPCP militia must have stormed the Baron's mansion on a dark winter's night, how they must have kidnapped him and tortured him in a horrible way before they beheaded him, just like John the Baptist. At least I hope the Baron chose beheading above the bribe that they must have also offered him. I hope he stayed steadfast until the end, so that generations to come can remember him as one of the Founding Fathers of Climate Realism.

    Now that we have lost so many eminent men I say: enough is enough. These climate wars have to stop. That is why I want to make the ICPC a proposal. For a small but decent amount of money and an official apology I am prepared to see through their many crimes and forgive them. If, on the other hand, they refuse my hand then I will have no choice but to punish them terribly once I've beaten the muslin B. Hussein Al-bama and we've won back this country from the people. Because then there will be no mercy for those who lied about "climate" "warming" and cared more about their own petty opinions than about the reality. Because the reality is that there is no "global" "warming", no matter what your temperature "measurements" and satellite "observations" and fancy "plots" and obscure "reports" may say.

  5. Dear Readers

    We must beware of the worshippers of Gaia and her prophet, Al-gore. Have you seen this.

    I have found evidence of a warmenist preaching at some hidden coven. I link to his mumbling amateurish presentation.

    (click on the left of his screen to get a blurry slide)

    My analysis of his stuff is that we may get another holocene optimum. Great. Optimum is good.

    Of course he says we are going to get bad AGW. How would he know. He is a glaciologist, not a climate analysist.

    I am alerting you to this poisenous nonsence. We must prevent their interpretation from becoming widely publicised.
    We must produce our own true facts to compete with theirs.
    We must make our own interpretations and presentations.
    We must not go gentle into that good night.


  6. Notice Latif said, "The fact is that man is also at least 50% responsible for the warming over the last 100 years."

    What about women? As men are hot blooded, energetic doers it makes sense they would warm the planet. Women tend to be cold hearted sloths and therefore cool the planet. Therefore the net contribution of the human race is at least 0%!

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