Tuesday, 23 August 2011

NSF: It is reasonable to suspect Mann of falsifying data

An investigation by the National Science Foundation into the Climategate scandal has come to the conclusion that there are strong grounds for suspicions against Michael "Hide the decline" Mann and his accomplices. The report concludes:
"As noted above, no specific allegation or evidence of data fabrication or falsification was made to the University; rather, the University developed its allegation of data falsification based on a reading of publicly released emails, many of which contained language that reasonably caused individuals, not party to the communications, to suspect some impropriety on the part of the authors."
We were right all along. Finally, we have been vindicated! Now please can we get back all the countless billions of our tax-payers dollars and euros spent on this fraud?

Obviously, the Warmistas will desperately try to spin this in any ways they can! It's time to jump off the AGW bandwagon now, boys!

Update: As can be observed below, the forces of misdirection and desinformation are already gathering. There are some statements in the report that unfortunately are somewhat ambiguous when taken out of context, and it is those statements the trolls predictably are trying to spin. They include:
"Although the Subject's data is still available and still the focus of significant critical examination, no direct evidence has been presented that indicates the Subject fabricated the raw data he used for his research or falsified his results."
"Such scientific debate is ongoing, but does not, in itself, constitute evidence of research misconduct."
 "Concerning False Claims, 18 USC #287 and 31 USC ##3729-33 and False Statement, 18 USC #1001, we examined the elements of each suggested offense and have concluded that there is insufficient evidence of violation of any of these statutes to warrant investigation."
"We reviewed the emails and concluded that nothing contained in them evidenced research misconduct withing the definition of the NSF Research Misconduct Regulation. ... We found no basis to conclude that the emails were evidence of research misconduct or that they pointed to such evidence."
While some unscrupulous individuals will claim that this means that Mann is innocent like a little lamb with a shiny white fleece that has just been white washed, we know that what it really says is that Mann and his Team have hidden all the evidence, just like they did "hide the decline of global temperatures the last decades." Indeed, we know and have always known that the Team-tribe is up to no good. Why are they trying to hide that Arabs colonized Greenland during the very very hot medieval period? We are very skeptical about the whole AGW thing, and nothing you say is ever going to change our mind! We stand up for the truth, against enviro-tyranny.

Update 2: Marc Morano at Climate Depot agrees with my analysis:
"It doesn't conclude there is 'nothing wrong' with Mann's conclusions, all it concludes is there is no basis to conclude he did anything improper WITH NSF FUNDING"
Precisely! Maybe Mann did his falsifications with money he stole from orphans, or earned by trafficking, or counterfeited, or got as bribes from the rising Soviet Union. Until that has been disproved, we have no choice but to consider him guilty as charged!


  1. Wow. How exactly 1984, to try to claim the complete vindication of Mann by the NSF is the opposite. How do you sleep at night?

  2. Yes, indeed. Amazing what ideology will make you say.

    I guess you MISSED where the NSF said: "Finding no research misconduct or other matter raised by the various regulations and laws discussed above, this case is closed."

  3. Baron von Monckhofen23 August 2011 at 09:52

    Dear Anonymous,

    You are just cherry-picking sentences from the verdict.

  4. By the way, anonymous and anonymous, you should consider yourself lucky that you are allowed to comment here. When I comment at RealClimate, they usually censor me!

  5. Endorphin Monkey23 August 2011 at 17:40

    The NSF is NSFW. Here is a good example of crony socialism at work. Just a pat on the back for our justly maligned climate parasite. It's enough to make a vulture vomit. Oh! the inhumanity!

    Our noble position is the precautionary principle at work. We air on the side of cautiousness as the economic consequences of not taking a small-c conservative approach are dire. If Dr. Mann was prematurely judged correct before all the Morally Upright data and analysis were to be compiled, we would be living in dirt-floored tarpaper shacks while the government spends $ quadrillions to bring back a nostalgic climate of apple-cheeked youths spending their long cold winters skating on Florida's ponds. Our traditional weather WILL return anyhow, but without making our patriotic citizens economic serfs of the Icelandic overlords. Beware the neo-Viking Jihadists!!!

    It is said that "where there is smoke there is fire". This translates to "all rumors are true". Wise words indeed.

  6. They're trying to hide the decline not only in global temperature, but also in "sceintific" integrity. Note they're not saying: We found conclusive evidence that Mr. Man has done nothing wrong. They say: we found no evidence that he has. Which implies they have not been looking properly, after all, those people at the NFS are buraeucrats who are only interested in spending TAX PAYERS MONEY WHILE ORDINARY aMERICANS LIKE mYSELF HAVE TO WORK FOR THEIR MONEY AND THEY ARE JUST SPENDING IT ON LONG HOLIDAYS AND prostitutes AND SO ON

  7. How many exonerations does this make now? We have had inquiries by universities, major newspapers, parliament, congress and now the NSF and it turns out that all this supposed impropriety by climatologists was all just a wet dream of climate deniers. But will reality finally enter your worlds? I doubt it.

  8. Wow.

    Just wow.

    And wow.


  9. All these inquiries were flawed by the fact that I LONNY the One Man Inquiry Team with Infallible Net TRuthfulness Sense (Tm. Patent Pending) knew, no, PROVED 100% that Mann was a mannipulator and that the whole global warming hoax was started by Mann for a joke on the Democrap Evilushonist Liberuls.

  10. Might I point out that it is very incriminating that the NSF was allowed to undertake this investigation without any supervision from higher authorities with special license to conduct witchhunts, such as Senator Inhofe.

  11. Sledgehammer for the truth18 September 2011 at 09:17

    GOD DAMN IT BARON, sorry to go OT on ya but I'm about to blow my last two gaskets...

    This week, Liar in Chief Al Gore had the gall to show his "24 hours of reality" in every single one of the earth's time zones, including the Antarctic and stratospheric.

    I think something needs to be said Baron. The man's using satellites now or somethin. He's lying in Chinese for godsake Baron.

    Please man, do something...anything. At least call him fat or divorced or something

  12. 24 hours of reality? 24 hours of LIES! THE truth CAN ONLY BE FOUND IN THE bible. And timezones are a SCAM! TIMEZONES ARE INVENTED BY "sceintists" to let us believe that the earth is round, but we all know it is FLAT BECAUSE THE bible SAYS SO!!!

  13. Brilliant! The bugs are coming out of the woodwork nicely. Keep going!

  14. Ooops.... next time I'll do better. Beam me up Scotty!

  15. P.O.E. Slaw: It gets worse. The man who made time zones a reality was one of these so-called "Canadians" by the name of Fleming. As we all know, unlike the United States of America, Canada was never mentioned in the Bible. But it could have been much worse - Fleming and the French could have imposed Metric Time on the world. They knew that would have meant war! and so they backed down. Vigilance preserves freedom, including the greatest freedom of all - the freedom to tell other people what to do.

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