Monday, 24 January 2011

Delingpole Victim of Forced Intellectual Intercourse

The Guardian reports about the next episode of the BBC TV show Horizon: Science Under Attack, in which the president of the Royal Society Sir Paul Nurse was supposed to interview the intrepid Telegraph journalist James Delingpole (picture), one of the world's most distinguished blog-experts on Climate Change alongside with Anthony Watts and myself. However, the interview turned into an intellectual rape when Nurse used his scientific weight to bear on Delingpole. Nurse, a Nobel Prize winner, asked Delingpole the following loaded question:
If a dear relative was suffering from a fatal disease, would you opt for the "consensus" treatment recommended by doctors, or advice to drink more orange juice offered by a fringe maverick quack?

Whereupon the poor James was speechless. This question was absolutely disgraceful! The BBC should be ashamed of themselves. They are trying to insinuate that a global warming realist is equivalent to a juice quack! A more relevant question would have been:
If a dear relative was suffering from a fatal disease, would you opt for the "consensus" treatment recommended by eco-fascist grant-grabbing bedwetting doctors hellbent on destroying Western civilisation, or advice to drink more orange juice offered by a British Lord who has already found a cure for HIV, MS and the Common Cold?

Shame on the BBC for exposing poor innocent James Delingpole to such massive cerebral abuse. He is just an innocent journalist who doesn't read scientific papers! They should have pitted him against somebody like George Moonbat instead.

In cauda venenum.


  1. Gosh. You're as bad a science denier as Delingpole.

  2. By his own account, Delingpole "interprets interpretations" rather than try to understand the science himself. Lazy and arrogant is a bad combination.

  3. This is disgraceful intimidation by the greenies, what does Nurse know? He is a geneticist (bet he believes in evolution) whilst James is a er political blogger who writes in prestigious publications such as the Spectator and Telegraph. He wouldn't hurt a flea.

  4. Nurse is a scientist. He has dedicated his life to science, and he has been honoured for his achievements. He knows what constitutes valid evidence.

    Delingpole is a writer. He knows very little about science. He is much less intelligent than he thinks he is, and (as has been noted above) is both arrogant and lazy.

  5. Sir James (a knighthood for services to browbeating bedwetting watermelonistas can't be far off) proved that a sufficiently sneering attitude is more than a match for doddering old grant-sated, milquesop "scientists", as his triumphant encounter with poor old Nurse showed.

    James' well-informed responses were obviously way over the old guy's head. The concept of pier-to-pier review might as well have been delivered in Swahili, judging by the look on Mr. Nurse's face! Have these peoples' ivory towers not got a seaside?

    Plus I like the cut of his jib, particularly in those trousers in the header photo.

  6. That old professor just couldn't cope with someone who raises both hands to signify "quote" marks. He should have known that a master of this technique cannot possibly be defeated in argumentation.

    Game over!

  7. Could you imagine Delingpole in this sartorial splendor standing next to Viscount Twittendom Lord of Crotchrot-on-Thames in his walking candy cane outfit? The mind boggled thoroughly and the stomach churns

  8. These warmists are absolutely shameless. If anybody fits the role of fringe maverick quack, it would be Al-Gore and his merry band of warmist alarmists. At the same time there is a strong consensus amongst prominent climate experts such as Sir Mockington, Prof. Inferno and the good Baron himself that "global" "warming" is a fraud. So, in this case I would go for the consensus treatment, but not the one that this rapist Nurse is thinking of!

  9. The warmist media focus on Delingpoles choice of words, is disgraceful.

    Delingpoles use of words like rape, paedophilic, homophobic, nazi does by no means describe his activities on the internet.

    Such claims is pure speculation.

  10. I was disgusted to see Delingpole forced into intellectual intercourse, since he is neither an intellectual nor someone that gets laid.
    The BBC really are Bad British Communists!

    Larchmont Mc Gillicuddy


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