Thursday, 8 July 2010

Whitewash! Whitewash!

In a pattern which is becoming sadly familiar, two more "inquiries" into the Great Climategate Scandal have "found" that "nobody" had done anything "wrong". As anybody with any rudimentary cognitive capabilities understands, these inquiries are just a whitewash that would make Virgin Mary's bed linen look as black as coffee in Congo! If there was no wrong-doing, why do all these inquiries? Such inquiries are only travesties and tricks performed to hide the decline ... sorry the crime. Everybody knows that! They always give the opposite result of what the truth is! Hence if the inquiries actually had found that Mann and Jones were guilty as hell, then I would have believed these men to innocent like new-born lambs in the arms of Baby Jesus. Unless it was a trick to convict Jones and Mann in order to make them appear innocent. Hah, I'm not that easily fooled! But with the outcome we have seen now, it is obviously an attempt to make Jones and Mann appear innocent in order to make them really appear guilty in order to make them seem innocent, because everybody knows that inquiries always lie. There is only one type of inquiry that could have told us the truth, and that is a Blog Inquiry, in which prominent blog scientists and intelligent layman commenters, unsoiled by the corrupting influence of what passes as "science" nowadays, work together on the Web to express their informed opinions about the truth.
What is obvious irrespectively of these inquiries, which constitute layers upon layers of elaborate deception that only the sickest and most depraved mind could come up with, is that Mann and Jones have fudged and manipulated and tricked the data in order to support an immaculately preconceived conclusion - indeed a conclusion that any right-thinking person by instict must know is wrong. But that is not science - that is closing your eyes to Truth. The so-called AGW theory is an non-falsifiable oxymoron, and theories that are non-falsifiable are not scientific! It has also been disproved many times, by Gerlisch and Tscheuschler, by Soon and Baliunas, by Miskolczi, by Ernst-Georg Beck, by Lord Monckton, by McIntyre, by Inferno and finally by myself! And by its nature of being unfalsifiable and falsified at the same time, AGW theory leads to a contradiction, and logically this means that it has to be wrong. Reductio ad adsurdum!


  1. Willis Eschenbach quotes Wibjorn Karlen asking Trenberth, Mann and other "scientists" if they're doctoring data and creating a conspiracy. And the "scientists" say "NO!" Obviously they're liars, and this whole affair is a whitewash.
    I have documented in great detail many many many many minor crimes that show that these "scientists" are responsible for a huge hoax going back to 1846. But the warmists just laugh at me and say that I'm unqualified to act as a one man inquiry team! After all those hours in my mom's basement pouring over every little e mail in an attempt to show the world that they're being duped, with only my great intelligence and even greater ego to help me, plus my copy of Atlas Shrugged, in those long nights when I forsok food, water and washing, and rationality, I finally am vindicated by this blog.
    Baron Von Monckhofen I love you! Please have my babies! My mom says that I can invite you round when I get a bath and clean my room;)

    Lonny "The Libertarian" Eachus.

  2. Great piece Baron. Another cold blast of reason up the moist, warm petticoats of the ecofascist communist conspiracy.

    It has been said many times by wiser men than I that you just have to look at Mann to know he's guilty of something. It may be the beard, or the smug, piggy little eyes or a combination thereof, or the rotten, warmist blood flowing in his socialist veins or indeed something else entirely. And the fact that Jones is sans beard proves he's Mann's bitch.
    QED, I believe.

    Vox populi ad nauseam.

  3. Bishop Phil, a scientific illiterate afflicted with the malady of being a complete wanker8 July 2010 at 13:56

    It will take a while to parse the Muir Russell report. They’ve been at it for over six months and I’ve only had it for a couple of days.

    First, I’m going to place up notes on things as I notice them. Then I'm going to photocopy them to three times normal size, cut out the individual letters then re-arrange them.

    At some point, I’ll try to pull together a a more damning response, but there are lots of interesting conjectures from I've read so far.

    This could be an interesting point that touches on some larger issues.

    Oh yes, believe it.

  4. Errare humanum est, perseverare diaboliCRUm.

  5. Posted by The Baron:

    "The so-called AGW theory is an non-falsifiable carbondioxymoron, and theories that are non-falsifiable are not scientific! It has also been disproved many times, by Gerlisch and Tscheuschler, by Soon and Baliunas, by Miskolczi, by Ernst-Georg Beck, by Lord Monckton, by McIntyre, by Inferno and finally by myself!"

    Yes, but lets not forget my sterling efforts as a one man unoffficial inquiry team, with only my arrogance and ego to guide me, in totally refuting AGW!!!!!

    Lonny "The Libertarian" Eachus

  6. This whitewash is so obvious, I wonder if Sir Muir cannot wash the stains from my own underwear that even Mrs. Slaw is not able to remove.

    This is just another example of "sceintists" protecting each other and awarding themselves all the nice jobs. In their own words, it's all a big travesty. It is all so clear to me, I wonder why there are still people who believe these "sceintists". Am I so smart or are they so stupid? Anybody can see that only blog sceintists are to be trusted in this matter. Blog sceintists have no financial or political motives, and are subject to the strictest of quality control.

  7. Dearest Baron Von Monckhofen (I'm so glad to write a true American name like Von Monckhofen, unlike the Kenyan commie name Usabama),
    the reason I'm on a Mann hunt is to find unwhitewashed evidence that the AGW "scientist" Michael Mann has used taxpayer dollars to fund a gay alarmist abortionist illegal immigration ring that brought Obama over from Kenya and falsified his data. We also contend that Mann is actually from Russia and is a Godless KGB agent intent on destabilising our Godloving Capitalist Republitardocracy.
    Please support my unbiased probe into this commie agitators propaganda spree, and back my lawyer, Orly Taitz in her bid to show Mann's Godless duplicity and treasonous warmist agenda.

    Your in Replublicanism

    Ken Cuccinelli
    Attourney General of Virgins

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