Thursday, 11 August 2011

Monckton in NZ TV

Here is great interview in New Zealand television with the Lord Monckton. He expresses his lack of confidence about the peer review process (in science, not in economics where it is reliable). He also explains that professor John Abraham is about to face a libel charge due to the lies he has been spreading about the good Lord. The Climate Scum supports the good Lord in his effort to go to court. Such measures are sadly necessary to ensure an open and civil debate about the climate fraud. John Abraham, in his puerile efforts to discredit Monckton, is clearly out to intimidate all independent thinkers and lovers of free markets.

We also support the efforts of John Coleman and 30,000 scientist to sue Al Gore.

As a bonus, here is philosopher of science and radio host Glenn Beck revealing Al'Gore's plans to become a dictator and explaining how science funding works.


  1. If there is one man who is a truthful viewpoint in all this media sea of warmist lies it is Professor Glen Beck. Prof Beck destroys the warmist agenda with his pure unadulterated objective Truth. Well done sir! You deserve the FOX NEWS CHANNEL award for total excellence.

    Gulliver BUll.

  2. What a raving loon Al Gore is, if only he took the Prof Glen Beck's mild mannered and considered approach instead.

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