Saturday, 13 August 2011

Joe Bastardi repeats my argument

In a guest post at WUWT, meteorologist Joe Bastardi repeats the argument I made recently about how the recent changes in temperature and CO2 don't correlate and this shows that CO2 doesn't drive temperature, and hence temperature drives CO2. I showed this graph as evidence:
Bastardi shows this one, which is very similar:
Note that Bastardi has added a big blue arrow to show that temperatures have been going down the last 15 years.

Great minds think alike! (Though I wish Bastardi would have given me due credit).

Bastardi's excellent guest post is a follow up of an interview on Fox News. It is compulsory watching!


  1. I like that Joe uses arrowheads so you know which direction to look in. Very stylish.

  2. Plotting every year twice on the horizontal axis is also very stylish... And I suppose it adds to the controversy.

  3. Bastardi shows those so called "scientists" how they don't even grasp the implications of the first law of thermohermodykenamlycs! And those "scientists" don't even realize that Le Chandelier's prinicipple PROVES BEYOND ALL DOUBT that the planet is actually COOLING DOWN!!! "Scientists" how can you be so wrong, when it comes to BASIC SCIENCE?

    Lewdbos Bluebotl. Phizzycyst at Plonken Univeshitty,Czech Replublik.

  4. There may be plenty of scientific evidence for global warming, but since there is NO non scientific evidence for global warming I don't believe the alarmists.

    Joan Ova

  5. Global temperatures do not exist anyway.

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