Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rush Limbaugh on Japanese disaster

Rush Limbaugh comments on the irony of a natural disaster striking the eco-friendly recycling Japanese.


  1. Endorphin Monkey17 March 2011 at 17:11

    Rush Limbaugh is a True American Hero*! He stands up for freedom and justice, and knows very well who deserves neither. In the scintillating pearls of wisdom he emitted today, his "Ad Feminem" comments on Ms. Sawyer were particularly profound. Journalists, or in her case "journalists" should be serious to the point of grim solemnity. And if their smiles look genuine rather than forced, they should be fired!

    I am concerned about what I saw of him, though. He seemed to take a rather long time to get to the point. And when he did, he descended into an obsessive repetition of his ultimate wisdom. I worry about his health. Is he off his meds? Or even worse, is he on them?

    * True American Hero - Definition: Anybody I like.

  2. Perhaps Baron von Monckhofen could have a look at some real science from a true expert - just made public I believe:

  3. If those warmists were serious about their fear of C2O then why would they not support nuclear power as an alternative to fossile fuels? But guess what? Those eco-nazis also condemn nuclear! Their hidden agenda is becoming more and more clear: they want us to regress back to the middle ages and into poverty so that they themselves can enjoy all the luxuries of the world. Well sorry guys, it won't happen!

  4. @ Ohn:
    Thank you for the link. Clearly the warmists are trying to deceive the people with their socialist, one-world government vision. Rising sea levels, meh.

    Kudos to Mr Morner for having the courage to fight back and present the facts as they are: his tilted graph (fig 10, p. 19) definitively shows no increase in ocean levels since 1992 - and here I thought his academic brilliance was restricted to finding water with a bent stick.

    One learns something new every day!

  5. Baron von Monckhofen20 March 2011 at 10:52

    And kudos to Lyndon LaRouche, whose excellent journal 21st Century Science and Technology makes it possible for uncorrupted scientists like Morner to publish their paradigm shifting research. As they write in their Statement of purpose:

    21st Century Science & Technology magazine challenges the assumptions of modern scientific dogma, including quantum mechanics, relativity theory, biological reductionism, and the formalization and separation of mathematics from physics. We demand a science based on constructible (intelligible) representation of concepts, but shun the simple empiricist or sense-certainty methods associated with the Newton-Galileo paradigm.

  6. I lov rUsHe LymBoRe He iz mi FavriT PeeRsuN Hu hu hu!

    Average GOPper


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