Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Earth Hour Terror

On Saturday it is time for the annual Earth Hour, an event where we are supposed to "take a stand against climate change." We are all supposed to turn off our lights for one hour, starting from 8:30 PM.

So what is the purpose with Earth Hour? How is turning off our lights going to stop climate change? The bed-wetting climate alarmists believe that carbon dioxide warms Earth so it must have something do do with reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Have the fools never taken a close look at a light bulb? This is what it looks like:
It has a hermetically sealed cover of glass! Whatever amounts of carbon dioxide is generated by the light bulb stays in the light bulb. It is not going to float out into the atmosphere. Just when you thought that this climate change hysteria couldn't get any sillier this comes along.

But wait a moment. Maybe Earth Hour isn't about turing off your lights to stop climate change. Maybe there is something else behind. Something more sinister...

What happens when you turn off the light? Darkness! And what happens to people in darkness? They are scared. Do you remember when you were a child and went to sleep with your lamp left on? And your parents sneaked inside and turned it off? And you suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and found yourself surrounded by complete and utter darkness? How did you feel? What did you think? You were scared, and you thought about all the horrors that could be hiding in that impenetrable darkness. You thought about monsters and boogeymen and squirrels, and other nameless and unspeakable horrors. And you screamed in terror and you wet your bed, and your parents came and yelled at you because you had wet your bed again. And it took a long time until your heart stopped pounding like mad and you felt safe again.

Yes, that is what darkness represents to humankind. It is the primeval fear and terror. And that is what those behind Earth Hour want you to feel. They want you to feel like when you wake up in the middle of the night and your parents or your wife (now ex) have turned off the light. Because they know that scared people are easier to manipulate and control. Earth Hour is all about psychological warfare.

Don't let them scare you and control your mind: say No to Earth Hour!

Luceat lux vestra


  1. Earth Hour, Schmerth Hour.

    I advise every red-blooded, red meat eating christian to follow my example.

    Last year the police arrived, apparently after complaints that my lighting display was a danger to airtraffic and shipping. Probably satellites and the ISS too, the wattage those muthas were putting out.

    Luckily they bought my story that it was my tribute to the Twin Towers of 911 and I'd somehow stupidly got my dates mixed up.

  2. Endorphin Monkey23 March 2011 at 15:26

    My dear Baron! It is supremely estimable of you to alert us to the horrors of Earth Hour, which charges at us each year like an enraged elephant. But you mistake its intention. It is not to psychologically bludgeon us into becoming infantile climate lackeys, doing our Masters' bidding. We are more resilient than that! And that is what The Conspiracy™ is counting on.

    Actually it is to soften us up for permanent rolling blackouts, when large power corporations reduce the supply and raise the price, all in the name of the "Earth". However, their crypto-stealth-plot is to create wealth so they can indulge in their most sickening sybaritic secret society rites. While your family is huddled freezing in the dark, they and their sycophantic eco-toadies are throwing caviar at each other on a yacht so brightly lit, squid are summoned to the surface of the sea around them.

    "Time" is a human concept. Time belongs to people, not to enormous giant non-sentient gas-covered semi-molten rocks hurtling through space. Give us back our stolen Earth Hours! Let us support "Humanity Hour" instead, when we get to use all the energy we want to... For free!

  3. I knew that you had some radical weather denier plan behind this seemingly guilty post,


    Light candle of hope: Earth Hour Sydney Saturday 8.30pm - Local ...
    22 Mar 2011 ... With all the election excitement, don't forget to switch your lights off at 8.30pm this Saturday night for Earth Hour. -

    Did you read that "light bloody BIG CANDLE of hope, earth hour is run by the fossil fuel CANDLE Barons

  4. Mr Von monkeybumface you are one sicko deviant, the implications that i have had wet dreams over legally female non retarded adult squirrels in lacy undies is utterly disgusting and i represent that remark

  5. There is a place on our planet where the citizens celebrate Earth Hour several times a night, 24/7/365. It's the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (known as North Korea by racist Americans).

    Perhaps you and I and some of our closest warming enthusiast friends could move there, and learn to love our Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il. After all, the DPRK is democratic and belongs to the people. Best of all, it's a republic. No, wait, best of all, it's "green."

  6. While the lights are off SATAAAAN can creep into our dimension unhindered!!! FOR GODGOP'S SAKE DON'T TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS!!!!
    Burn rubber and petrol and keep the lights on all over the state. That way SATAAAAN can't get into your pants and make you do bad things with LADIES OF THE NIGHT!!


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