Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ken Ring on CO2

New Zealand space scientist and long-range weather and earth quake forecaster Ken Ring explains that carbon dioxide molecules are heavier than air molecules and fall to the ground.


  1. Don't see how he could be wrong the way he wears his hat. VERY authoritative hat wearing and therefore quite credible

  2. At last - some proper science that even that honourable sceptic Professor Plimer couldn't pick holes in.

    Who could fail to be be impressed by the scientific integrity implicit in that globey, orbity, spiky axis motif and those personal CO2 experiences?

    I bet even Algore doesn't carry a dual CO2/Temperature meter, and he wants us to believe he's a acientist?????

  3. Endorphin Monkey20 March 2011 at 17:02

    I was blown away by this video! Some much wisdom in just a few minutes. And he has a handheld device that beeps and has numbers on it that change. Now that's high tech! His thoughts remind me of a discussion between two other wise men - Abraham Simpson and Dr. Nick Riviera - on the subject of medical science.

    I just realized something about his bold pronouncement that CO2 falls to the lowest level, so plants don't grow hundreds of feet to access it. That implies that tall trees don't actually exist. Nor do plants growing on mountains. And there's more that the "megaspiracy" is keeping from us...

    Ken says that if you fly 8 miles up (in an aeroplane), you can't actually see the ground. I guess all those mountains and islands and stuff that I saw were optical illusions or projected images. It also means that satellite photography is a fraud! The conspiracy must be so big, it costs more than the economy can generate. That's the real reason for out-of-control public debt.

    There's so much more. The five year CO2 volcano cycle, the fact that the CO2 bubbles in a can of Coke are cold, the fact that miners are threatened by falling CO2. I could say more about this scientific genius but I don't have time. A load of manure has come for the garden and I have to go spread it.

  4. The fact that Humans don't die at night from asphyxiation due to CO2 falling back down is further proof of just how harmless CO2 is.

  5. you are nothing but a shrill for BIG candles jerabb,

    God put whales on earth for us to make candles not fossil fuel, I have seen pictures of Jonah inside a whale, they did not have electricity at that time so how do you think they took the photos, light from whale candles that is how stupid, by not using whales to make candles we are thumbing our noses at God's divine teachings,

  6. I just knew that i have seen that face and hat before,

  7. I gave Ken Ring a good whack and the dust and the straw started flying in all directions -- from behind his ears, out of his mouth and under his hat.

    You shouild've told us right up front that Ken is a straw man. Why didn't you?

  8. Carby dockslide is just another made up gas. made up by the sighuntysts to further the aims of the liberalchemists that rule the world. I can't believe that anyone falls for the hoax that is carby dockslyde. It says in the Bibble that there ain't no such thing and that ten years ago we were all ridin' round on dinoslaws with baby Jeezuss.

    Hovind Kent Dembski Indolent Design Institute,
    Pawtuxahockey, United States of Godgop

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