Friday, 21 September 2012

Stunning recovery of Arctic Sea Ice

 After a temporary decline in mid September that caused a lot of clamor and lamentations among the alarmists, the Arctic Sea ice has now made a stunning recovery to the levels it had at the beginning of September. This is what happens every September: the Arctic Sea ice melts a bit, and then it refreezes again. It is a perfectly natural phenomenon, although not yet fully understood, and it gives no reason for alarm. It certainly doesn't have anything to do with any Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. Just look at the green dashed curve which represents the Arctic Sea ice during 2007: we see exactly the same pattern. The recovery is even a bit earlier this year. So much for the doom-sayers' predictions of imminent doom!


  1. Endorphin Monkey23 September 2012 15:21

    All this analysis is based on a fragment of a graph provided by the the NSIDC, or National-Socialist Ice Disinformation Conspiracy. The "Watermelons" would say this is 'cherry-picking', so obviously they know their fruit. But they don't know science! Scientific revelations often come from a focus on the small details of information within the broad meaningless humungobytes of data that vomits forth on a daily basis from a myriad of supercomputers around the world. This focus allows blog scientists to find miniscule contradictions to the false trends that overwhelm reality at a time like this.

    It's a relief to know that everything's going to be fine with the weather. Now to deal with prohibiting impure thoughts, starting with my own! Time for a cold shower!

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    1. My dearest lady, this is not the site for vulgarly hawking your wares like some common street strumpet! Please kindly desist, or I will endeavour to have Christopher Monckton deliver one of his interminable lectures to you on how polar bears prefer blisteringly hot desert life to all that cold shivery white stuff!

  4. My dearest baron, its been two years and you seem to have disappeared. I do hope that the holiday in that low lying area of the Maldives went well, and that you are in the finest of fettle!
    Toodle ooh!
    Sinnotor Inhoffah

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