Monday, 16 August 2010

Hockey stick fraud refuted

Do you remember the notorious and controversial hockey stick (above) which has been refuted so many times? Now it has finally been disproved by a paper in Annals of Applied Statistics by two genuine statisticians with no sordid connections to the climate fraud community. Their names are McShane and Wyner, and they have come up with the following temperatures for the last 1000 years:

It doesn't look at all like a hockey stick any more. Also look at the size of the error region (grey)! This is the final nail in the coffin of the AGW fraud!

Si uno adhuc proelio Romanos vincemus, funditus peribimus!


  1. Perrhaps we should cease calling it the hockey stick and start calling it the electric sock.

    That sounds far more warming and comforting and suitable for that rapidly approaching ice age.

  2. Baron von Monckhofen18 August 2010 at 03:41

    "The electric shock"- that's a good one. Or maybe "the waterboard". Oh, how I love a good torture joke! ;-)

  3. The Artic sea ice is melting and the tundra is thawing. The temperature trends are going up (....not down), The growing season in Fairbanks now stands at 120 days, 50 percent longer in 2007 than it was in 1905. yeah, AGH is a hoax!

  4. davidwalters, our most eminent sceintist Lord Monckton has told us that,by his estimation, the sea ice isn't melting, its freezing. Its ICE after all so it must be freezing otherwise it would be water. The growing season in fairbanks, Alaska is easily explained as an extension of the Medieval Warm Period into the 21st century. Not global warming, but very local heating caused by yak flatulence.
    Anthropoid Global Heating is a hoax. Glad to see that you saw through the pseudosceince of Al'Gore and his fellow liberal lesbigamists in the end.


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