Wednesday, 26 October 2011

BEST is up to no good

Hope you enjoyed the funny title of today's post. It is about the disgraceful Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project which now has announced its very uninteresting and non-peer-reviewed results. All it proves is that one can manipulate temperature data so that Earth seems to be warming. But we already knew that, didn't we?
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But how do they then explain this graph form Newsweek 1975? This amazing graph was revealed by Steven Goddard. Comparing BEST to Orwell's book 1984, he comments: "The cooling after 1950 has disappeared. Winston Smith would be proud!" As educated readers know, Winston Smith was the dictator in 1984 who oppressed his little brother.

The man behind BEST, Richard Muller, has only been pretending to be a skeptic. He is really a eco-warmo-fascist! How could he otherwise come up with an almost-copy of the  Hansen (NASA) and Jones (CRU) curves? He is actually on record as being part of the cult as late as 2008. Thanks to Tony Bummer at NewsBustiers for digging up that nugget! Fortunately, there are a few climate scientists with integrity still left, like Judith Curry!

There is only one scientifically correct response to Muller's skullduggery: to orchestrate a FOI request campaign against Berkeley until they have made all the data available, station by station and year by year! We will not rest until this has been achieved!

Anyhow, if it would be warming, it would not be due to human activities. This was decisively proved in July this year. I quote from ClimateChangeDispatch:

Greenhouse Gas Theory Trashed in Groundbreaking Lab Experiment

Greenhouse gas theory of global warming is refuted in momentous Mexican lab experiment. Results mean epic fail for doomsaying cult and climate taxes.

Professor Nasif Nahle of Monterrey, Mexico, backed by a team of international scientists, has faithfully recreated a famous experiment from 1909 to confirm that the greenhouse effect cannot cause global warming..

Astonishingly, the 1909 greenhouse gas experiment first performed by Professor Robert W. Wood at John Hopkins University hadn’t been replicated for a century. This despite over $100 billion spent by the man-made global warming industry trying to prove its case that carbon dioxide is a dangerous atmospheric pollutant.

The analogy had been that greenhouse gases (e.g. CO2) act like the glass in a greenhouse trapping heat in Earth’s atmosphere and if they build up (due to human industrial emissions) the planet would dangerously overheat.

Nahle Nails Shut Climate Scare Coffin

At the Biology Cabinet laboratories Professor Nahle was able to confirm the astounding findings: Wood was right all along. After peer-review the results confirm that the so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ is solely due to the blockage of convective heat transfer within the environment in which it is contained i.e. as in this case, a lab flask.

Indeed, it is the glass of the lab flask (or ‘greenhouse’) that caused the “trapped” radiation all along. The flask (or greenhouse) being what scientists refer to as a ‘closed system’; while Earth’s atmosphere isn’t closed at all but rather open to space allowing heat energy to freely escape.

Read rest here.
So that's it. Global warming theory is dead, and has got the final nail in its rotting coffin! Ha ha ha ha!
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Take that, Richard Muller!

Coincidentally, the fat priest of the climate cult Al Gore unintentionally proved the same thing when he faked a greenhouse gas experiment during his "24 hours of climate reality" propaganda campaign about a month ago. This is the kind of stuff the media should report about! Read the shocking truth at WUWT:

Thank God there are people who - unlike Muller - knows how to dedicate their time to important things! Thank you, Anthony Watts!


  1. I always suspected these "sceintists" from Berkaley were only fake sceptics. Now it turns out its all a big scam aimed at gullible people, to let them believe that oh yes, the world is really warming, we didn't believe it ourselves but look, we come up with the same hockeystick as Michael Man (how many months does it take to copy a hockystick, would you think, but of course those former hippies from Burkely need to justify the many millions this must have cost the American tax payer). What's next? Sometimes in my dark days, Baron, I think that even you must be a fake sceptic making fun of us, the climate realists... But of course, that can't be! But personally I don't trust this Wats fellow at all, he's buying too much into this "the world is warming" story if you ask me. The first line of defence should always be that no, it's not, it's cooling, and we know that is true. Do you think he (Wat's) would accept the reality of a Flat Earth?

  2. Which brings me on the important topic: how can we discriminate the fake sceptics from the real ones? I was thinking, baron, we need some sort of an initiation ritual. We could ask anyone who claims to be a "global" "warming" sceptic to piss on a photo of their Leader, Al-gore. But then I realised some of those "sceintists" may be homosexuals with a fetish for golden showers who may actually enjoy pissing on a picture of their guru, so this method may not be 100% waterproof.

  3. Endorphin Monkey26 October 2011 at 20:15

    BEST tried to integrate the Urban Heat Island effect with other temperature data. But they didn't account for the Rural, Wilderness and Oceanic Heat Island effects. There is even a "theory" (there's that word again) that there is an Island Heat Island effect. All 4 effects balance out. It's simply that any attempt to place a permanent weather station anywhere means roads and concrete and metal and black-roofed air-conditioned buildings etc. nearby, raising the temperature around the thermometer. More weather stations mean more hot thermometers, leading to higher temp readings. Meanwhile, the unthermometered world is cooling.

    The proof? Nauscopy, developed by Étienne Bottineau in the 1780s. He was able to detect ships far away at sea even before they appeared above the horizon. His method remains a secret, but probably had to do with atmospheric heat ripples coming off ships. Even thermometers on ships LIE like RUGS! Google it! Amateur scientists - the only reliable kind - blog about it!

    Like it or not, climate is far too complex and difficult to do research on, so any attempt to collect and analyze data is doomed to failure. At least we skeptics don't bother to try. That's our greatest gift to humanity. That, and blogs.

    "I'll give you my thermometer when you pry it from my cold, dead hands." Winston Smith, as quoted in George Orson Welles' book "1984".

  4. New York smartass "funnyman" Jon Stewart commented on his "show" the other day that compared to the days after days of rolling news coverage in the wake of the Climategate scandal, the news of the BEST results garnered about 24 seconds worth.

    I'm not sure what point he was trying to make, except perhaps 24 seconds was too long for Mewler's warmist garbage.

  5. If the planet is warmin' howcome I have a cold?
    I don't think any sceintist can explain that 'cause there ain't no such thing as sceince! Its all a homoliberulcommiethreelegged lesbianosamabinalgoreist hoax perpetrates by Satan worshipping Goddam heathens!!!!!!!Michael Jackson knew the truth and they had him assasssinated!

  6. Fuelled with righteous rage I went to be BEST (who are they trying to fool?) website to begin submitting my FOI requests for the station data and who cuts their hair.
    And the bastards, The BASTARDS have already put the station data on their website. This just shows how underhanded these thugs are!

  7. These BESTards! Don't they know that global warming is caused by something called the sun? Or that global warming is caused by something called cosmic rays? Or that anyone with a different theory of global warming, from the so called scientific consensus, is either hounded out of work and forced to wear women's lingerie in public while kissing a pregnant goat!!!! How can these people stifle science so, by sticking to the facts?

  8. Barney Rumblebelly8 November 2011 at 12:30

    Nigel Cauldron wrote:
    "...forced to wear women's lingerie in public while kissing a pregnant goat!!"
    The Bastards! I thought we were alone, and I demand a paternity test!


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